Best Non-Alcoholic Vodka We Tasted (Yes, It Tastes Like Something!)

There isn’t a ton of non-alcoholic vodka on the market. Even in today’s world of non-alcoholic liquor stores, the market is still primarily filled with non-alcoholic whiskey dupes, tons of botanical non-alcoholic gin approximations, and even some pretty good non-alcoholic tequila bottlings. But alcohol free vodka is a tough ask. 

It makes sense. Vodka is crafted to be as close to flavorless as possible. That said, it does taste like something. I promise, if I put a glass of vodka and a glass of water in front of you, you would be able to tell the difference. So, how can you make a non-alcoholic distillate that essentially tastes like alcohol without any actual alcohol? 

And why would you want to? Right now, there isn’t a non-alcoholic spirit on the market that tastes like actual vodka. But there are a few non-alcoholic vodkas that taste good. 

I found three non-alcoholic vodka substitutes that I think (most) former vodka drinkers will appreciate. If you really miss your Ketel on the rocks, I’m sorry, but you’re currently out of luck. But if you’re longing for a Vodka Soda or looking for a clear non-alcoholic spirit that doesn’t taste like a garden, then I have the best non-alcoholic vodka for you.

best n/a vodka spritz

Best Ready-to-Drink

Free AF Non Alcoholic Vodka Spritz

If you are looking for a non-alcoholic vodka because you want a non-alcoholic Vodka Soda or hard seltzer, then allow me to simply point you in the direction of this premade, canned N/A Vodka Spritz. The flavor is light and crisp, with a whisper of tropical fruit (the can says it’s Passion Fruit & Lime). But it tastes like more than just lightly flavored seltzer. There’s a sort of cooked flavor in the background that gives you the impression that there’s alcohol lurking somewhere in there. And it has a mild burn. Plus, the can is beautiful with its sunset-hued swirls.

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best non-alcoholic vanilla vodka

Best Flavored

Strykk Not V*dka Vanilla

Strykk also makes a regular non-alcoholic vodka but it was nowhere to be found. So, until I am able to taste that, their vanilla flavor will serve as a representative of the brand. It is much, much better than I thought it would be. It’s honestly better than some alcoholic vanilla vodkas I’ve tried. This has a lot of spice on the end to mimic the heat of alcohol, and that helps to balance out the warming vanilla notes and the lightly fruity flavor. It’s not sugary sweet at all, which I admire. This is not for drinking straight but it would be good in an N/A White Russian approximation with some concentrated cold brew, milk, and chocolate syrup. “Spike” a milkshake with it. Shake it with pineapple juice or orange juice. For what it is, it’s pretty good. 

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best non-alcoholic vodka

Best of the Best

Clean Co Clean V

Clean Co has popped up before on our best non-alcoholic tequila list, as well as our best non-alcoholic gin list; they know what they’re doing with a non-alcoholic spirit. Their N/A vodka smells like sweet apple cider. But the flavor isn’t sweet—it’s quite tart and dry. It finishes quickly. Does it taste like vodka? No. But does it taste good? Yes. It’s the best non-alcoholic vodka that can be used in the widest variety of mocktails, like non-alcoholic Moscow Mules, Screwdrivers, or Lemon Drops. And, like all Clean Co products, it comes in a great looking bottle that will spiff up your N/A bar.

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