An Honest Review of Jeni’s New Pop-Tarts Flavored Ice Cream

We love a good collab. When two iconic brands come together, sometimes magic happens (lookin’ at yous, Doritos and Tapatío). Needless to say, we were pretty stoked when a few pints of the new Jeni’s Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts ice cream showed up at our offices. Jeni’s already makes a Cinnamon Roll ice cream (and it rules), but we wanted to find out whether they could really cram that signature Pop-Tart flavor and texture into a creamy frozen dessert, or if Pop-Tarts belong in the toaster rather than the freezer.

jeni's pop-tarts ice cream

New Product!

Jeni’s x Pop-Tarts Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon Ice Cream

First, a disclosure: When it comes to toaster pastries, I’m team Toaster Strudel, all the way. If you tell me you like pale, dry Pop-Tart pastry better than crispy, oily, golden Toaster Strudel pastry, I’m sending you to jail. But, I gotta say, Pop-Tart pastry is pretty well suited to being an ice cream mix-in. It holds up and you get some of that baked-good texture. You even get a little bit of salt.

The brown sugar-cinnamon ice cream base is the real star, though. It’s super creamy and flavorful—it tastes like a really good cream cheese frosting spiked with cinnamon. And in case that wasn’t decadent enough, there’s a caramel swirl, too.

My only criticism of this new Jeni’s ice cream? It’s sweet. But, in my opinion, Jeni’s ice cream always tends sweet, so if you’re used to that, you’ll be into this. It’s good! Grab a pint when it hits their site on June 22.

Credit: Liv Averett / Jeni’s




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