The Best Things We Ate This Week (March 20-24)

Every week, the Sporked team sidles up to the tasting table and sets out to find the absolute best of the best packaged foods, the gold hidden in the grocery aisles. Each week we’ll bring you five standouts that truly rocked our taste buds and changed our lives—or at least our buying habits. Here are the best things we ate this week.

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Simpler Times Lager

If you’ve had one domestic lager, you’ve had them all, right? Not the case! This canned lager from Trader Joe’s was so much more flavorful than we expected—a little sweet and super complex. This tastes like a doted-over craft beer, but a 12-pack only costs around 7 bucks. Bonus: It has an ABV of 6.2%, which is much higher than the Buds of the world.

Great Value Naturally Hickory Smoked Lower Sodium Bacon

Hear me out: All bacon should be lower sodium bacon. Seriously, if you’re not eating it alongside full sodium bacon, there’s literally no way you’d know the difference, especially if you’re eating this Great Value hickory smoked bacon. It’s pretty much perfect—smoky and plenty salty. There’s no breakfast or BLT this won’t improve.

Herr’s Baby Back Ribs Potato Chips

Sure, baby back rib-flavored chips sound fun, but we assumed they’d just taste like glorified BBQ chips. We were wrong and, frankly, we should have given Herr’s more credit (because Herr’s generally rules). These actually taste smoky and porky like a slab of ribs slathered in sauce. Plus, now we have an excuse to watch to this a few hundred more times.

Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Roll Drizzled Granola

If you’re looking for a granola that’ll make a hearty, healthy breakfast, this probably isn’t the way to go. But if you’re looking for a granola that’s super indulgent and desserty and will tempt you to house an entire bag in one sitting, buy this. Immediately. It’s composed of big, buttery, spiced morsels of granola that are drenched in frosting. Each one really channels the flavor of a cinnamon roll. This is not health food, but we’re convinced it’s a slightly better way to satisfy a craving for cinnamon rolls.

Trader Joe’s 4 Chocolate Croissants

Given that you have to proof the dough over night, these chocolate croissants from Trader Joe’s are a little bit of a commitment, but they’re worth it. They’re flaky. They’re buttery. They’re chocolatey. They’re bakery quality croissants at home (that are better than Starbucks), and we’ll absolutely be making them again.

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