The Best Rainy Day Soups

There’s just something about liquid fallin’ from the sky that makes us all want hot liquids for lunch. That means soup will be on the menu a lot over the coming months, as March showers give way to April showers and then we get some of those long-awaited May flowers for our trouble. Grab your umbrella and galoshes, because the Sporked crew is about to shower you in soup options that will elevate your rainy-day soup experience. From tomato to chicken noodle, these are the best rainy day soups.

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Pacific Foods Organic Creamy Tomato Soup

Best soup for a rainy day? For me, it’s tomato soup with a side of grilled cheese, hands down. Ugh, it just tastes like coziness and that calming feeling of watching little rivulets of water streak down a window that looks out over a garden. And this particular tomato soup doesn’t play around. Editor-in-chief Justine Sterling called it “as decadent as plain tomato soup can get,” and noted that garlic and onion give it additional flavor. Truly an ideal soup, especially when the sky won’t stop leaking.

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Amy’s Quinoa, Kale & Red Lentil

Right out the gate, Justine called Amy’s Quinoa, Kale & Lentil “the best vegetarian soup she’s tried.” And she tastes food for a living. Let that sink in. Why is this one so good? Well, aside from being thick and cozy like a warm, weighted blanket on a raw, blustery day, this rainy day soup has “lots of turmeric flavor and tons of fun textures, so every spoonful is different. And there’s no stringy kale! Just good, intact kale leaves.” It’s hearty, and filling, and have we mentioned it’s fully vegan? You really can’t go wrong with this rainy day soup.

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Bare Bones Lentil Curry Plant-Based Soup

If the blah weather outside makes you crave strong spices and bold flavors for lunch, look no further than this nutrient-packed lentil soup from Bare Bones. It’s got vegetable broth, green lentils, carrots, onions, diced tomatoes, pea protein, kale, lemongrass, and garlic, along with some red pepper and black pepper. Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo called this soup “expertly spiced and seasoned food,” so if you are looking for something hearty, tasty, and complex, this plant-based lentil soup is the best rainy day soup for you.

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Rao’s Made For Home Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken soup has the unique capacity to warm you up right on down to your toes. Especially if you spill it all down the front of you before you actually take a bite (hypothetically…I’m so coordinated, guys). But I would try not to spill this particular bowl of chicken soup, because, trust us, you and your rainy day blues will want every last drop of this classic rainy day soup. In Danny’s opinion, this is “basically homemade chicken noodle soup sold in a jar.” The noodles are chewy, the spices are aromatic, it’s adequately salted—I mean, come on. If you are a chicken soup fiend, you need to give this one a go.

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Amy’s Organic Southwestern Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup

Amy’s is one of those brands that just does soup right. And this Southwestern vegetable soup is no exception. Much like a contestant on Love Island, this soup “didn’t come here to make friends.” That’s right, it came here to find love and it did. Senior writer Jordan Myrick said this soup is like “the best vegetable soup you ever tasted had a baby with a perfectly spiced tortilla soup.” They said it was positively “bursting with flavor,” and if that doesn’t make this sound like one of the best rainy day soups to spice up your gloomy afternoon, then I don’t know what does.

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