6 Best Seltzers to Mix with Vodka

Unless you are a burly Siberian who throws back vodka shots like they’re water or you’re rich enough to drink the stuff they keep behind the counter, you’re probably mixing vodka with something to take the edge off. While a Vodka Soda is a popular choice, it’s fun to shake things up with flavored seltzer. Just don’t shake it too much or it will explode all over you. Here’s the best seltzer to mix with vodka.

Lime LaCroix

Vodka and lime is an iconic combination, and the Lime LaCroix is definitely the best lime seltzer out there. The tartness helps to mask the sting of the alcohol and is also quite refreshing. That said, you honestly can’t go wrong with any LaCroix flavors and yes, I am one of those freaks who likes the coconut one. Added bonus: After a few Vodka Lime Lacroix drinks loosen you up, you can start to pronounce it like “la qua” to the amusement and annoyance of other party guests.

Grapefruit Spindrift

There are two traditional drinks that combine vodka and grapefruit juice: the Salty Dog and the Greyhound. But are you really going to keep a carton of grapefruit juice on hand to make them? Why not just get some Spindrift Grapefruit seltzer; you don’t have to worry about it going bad and you can drink it on its own. Plus, Spindrift stands out in the seltzer game because it has “real squeezed juice” in every can. You can definitely taste the difference, and it’s pretty great.

Raspberry Bubly

Everytime I see the word “Bubly,” it makes me think of Michael Bublé, who I un-affectionately refer to as Mike Bubble. Anyway, vodka brands like Stoli and Smirnoff already make raspberry-flavored vodka but it often tastes like Robitussin. The raspberry Bubly, on the other hand, is sweet, very raspberry forward, and stronger than a lot of other berry-flavored seltzers. Adding this seltzer to a normal or even sub-par vodka will make a drink that is smoother than the dulcet tenor of Mr. Bubble himself.

Canada Dry Mandarin Orange Seltzer

Canada Dry made its bones from its ginger ale; people of a certain age may recall their “It’s Not Too Sweet” commercial campaign. But as they have expanded into the seltzer game, they really hit a grand slam with their Mandarin Orange flavor, which is far and away the best orange seltzer in the game. Similar to raspberry, there are several orange-flavored vodka brands on the market, but the beautiful tang on this seltzer far surpasses those flavors. No more flavored vodkas!

365 Ginger Sparkling Water

Vodka and ginger is a winning combo, but it is often a mix of either ginger ale or ginger beer, like in a Moscow Mule. But if you’re looking for a no-calorie option with just a hint of ginger flavor, this is the best way to go.

Sanzo Yuzu

I only learned about yuzu recently and it seems that it’s growing in popularity here in the States. Part clementine, part lemon/lime, it’s an entirely unique citrus flavor. Yuzu is also becoming an increasingly popular adornment for traditional alcoholic drinks, replacing lemon in a Tom Collins, for example. Vodka obviously pairs well with any citrus, and this Sanzo Yuzu variety is strong in flavor and almost resembles a lemon lime soda. It’s a must try!

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