5 Drinks You Should Be Buying at ShopRite

We have a thirst for knowledge—the knowledge of the best drinks available at our local ShopRite. Because we also have a normal thirst. Both of these thirsts can easily be quenched by a trip to ShopRite. 

Whether you’re looking to satisfy a sweet tooth, sip a cozy beverage by the fire, or replenish your electrolytes, ShopRite has a plethora of ShopRite brand drinks to supplement your daily eight glasses. Here are the best ShopRite brand drinks from Bowl & Basket and Wholesome Pantry that we saw on a recent trip.

Bowl & Basket Cucumber Melon Seltzer

If you ever fantasized about drinking the cucumber melon foaming hand soap from Bath & Body Works, ShopRite’s Bowl & Basket brand is here for you with this seltzer. Plus, it’s just $0.60 a bottle.

Bowl & Basket Specialty Peach Sparkling Juice

You thought sparkling apple cider was fancy? Welcome to the big leagues, kid. This sparkling peach juice will get so many oohs and aahs that Dom Perignon will go crying to its momma. But remember: It’s only “Bowl & Basket specialty peach sparkling juice” if it’s from the “Bowl & Basket specialty peach sparkling juice” region of New Jersey.

Wholesome Pantry Organic Probiotic Watermelon Cherry Lime Kombucha

This product includes all the buzzwords to excite someone who’s breezing through ShopRite after spin class. But it also has all the flavors that excite us, because we recognize them as our favorite Skittles flavors.

Bowl & Basket Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows

Hot chocolate and cold brew coffee have one thing in common: we drink both all year long, no matter the weather. Also they’re both drinks. Also they’re both kind of brown. So maybe they have a lot in common. But the important point here is that hot chocolate is not seasonal, and it’s important to have it on hand at all times. ShopRite’s Bowl & Basket instant cocoa is easy and tasty. There’s also a version without marshmallows, but why would anyone do that to themselves?

Bowl & Basket Light Roast Salted Caramel Coffee K-Cup Pods

K-Pop may make you thirst, but K-Cups quench that thirst. Doctors, please don’t @ us with the research that coffee isn’t hydrating. This joke is all we have. Maybe a standard brew at home just wasn’t cutting it for you, but with these caramel coffee K-Cups, you can skip spending bucks at Starbucks. Now that you’re spending considerably less on your coffee, feel free to throw it in the face of any Boomers that blamed lattes for your inability to afford a house.

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