5 Snacks You Should Be Buying at ShopRite

Snacks are the fourth Jonas Brother. Snacks are the fourth musketeer. Snacks have been supporting us for the many hours that we just spent going down internet rabbit holes after finding out that there are actually four Jonas Brothers, four musketeers, and now zero remaining potato chips. And where do we go to find the best snacks? We go to ShopRite if we live in the Mid-Atlantic. Here are the five best snacks we found on a recent snack restocking quest to ShopRite.

Bowl & Basket Buffalo Style and Blue Cheese Flavored Wavy Potato Chips

These ShopRite brand chips are the best parts of any game day spread combined into one snack. It’s everything  you love about wings without the hassle of cooking, having to speak to another human to order wings, or pretending you like sports just to get invited to the tailgate. Now you can just pop open a bag and enjoy the flavors of Buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing, with the wonderfully aggressive crunch of a wavy potato chip.

Flipz Stuff’d Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels

Flipz Stuff’d Pretzels are so good, they transcend the rules of spelling. Some people like rebellious bikers in leather jackets, but have you ever tried a product that not only flips the bird to the English language, but also unapologetically combines sweet, salty, creamy, and crunchy? Swoon. For anyone who wished peanut butter cups had just a little more texture, this is for you.

Chex Mix Remix Zesty Taco

This bag of snack mix is not only for those who can’t decide which classic crunchy snack food they want, but also for those who can’t even decide if they want to snack in their jammies or to head to the taqueria. This newish mix from Chex is a combination of taco seasoning-seasoned Chex, cheese puffs, corn chip strips, and salsa Chex and yes, it slaps as hard as you’d think. (We gave them 8/10 sporks in our review.)

Wholesome Pantry Organic Korean BBQ Popcorn

The best thing about Korean BBQ is the flavor. The worst thing is the meat sweats. The best thing about popcorn is that it’s so light, you can eat it endlessly. The worst thing is that it tastes like virtually nothing. So, we thank the mad geniuses at ShopRite for taking the best parts of the two and combining them into one delightful nosh. This is how you do a mash-up. Victor Frankenstein could never.

Wholesome Pantry Sweet and Salty Kettle Popcorn Chips

If you’re feeling a little peckish at midnight and can’t justify making a brownie sundae by fridge light (for the third night in a row), kettle corn is an excellent way to give dessert a little ‘sup nod, while still maintaining your cool and aloof persona. A great balance of salt and sugar, the popcorn chip format gives us all the familiar corn flavor without the also familiar feeling of kernels in our teeth. 

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