What You Should Be Drinking This Summer According to Your Zodiac Sign

Thirsty but not sure which type of drink you want? Well, when’s your birthday, stranger? There are myriad options that will quench your thirst on a hot summer day, but I would recommend reaching for one of these classic beverages according to your zodiac sign.

Aquarius: Milkshake

aquarius summer beverage
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Name a more logical drink than a milkshake on a hot summer day—I’ll wait. And if there’s anything you are as an Aquarius, it’s logical. While other people might rush straight to the ice cream truck for cups or cones, you’d rather skip the scoops and have your ice cream in liquid form, the old fashioned way.

Pisces: Lemonade

pisces summer beverage
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The balance of citrus and sugar in lemonade is crucial and it can be easily messed up if you’re not careful. As a Pisces, you can be a bit sensitive to such things. However, the perfect lemonade is attainable with the right attention and care, much like a perfect friendship with a Pisces.   

Taurus: Peach Iced Tea

taurus summer beverage
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You’re all about security and reliability, Taurus. And a peach-flavored iced tea is a drink that never disappoints. It is the shoulder to cry on of the tea world, attracting both casual and occasional tea drinkers with its laid back and down-to-earth nature, just like how new friends flock to you, Taurus.

Aries: Slushie

aries summer beverage
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The inner dialogue of an Aries at a self-serve slushie station I imagine goes something like this, “We mixin’ all these boys together and ain’t NOBODY gonna stop me.” And you’d be right, Aries. No one would dare stand in the way of you and your syrupy, icey concoction. Because when you want something, you make it happen.

Gemini: Arnold Palmer

gemini summer beverage
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An Arnold Palmer is typically a 50/50 mix of lemonade and iced tea. This drink represents a mix of your fun, chatty side, Gemini, along with the more grounded, chill side of you that comes out around those you’re comfortable with. 

Cancer: Kool-Aid

cancer summer beverage
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is no party without you, Cancer. I know we’ve all been to birthday parties as kids where the saving grace was the Kool-Aid. In just the same way, Cancer is the unsung hero of many a social gathering. You’re also a Jack of all trades. From drinks to candy to hair dye, Kool-Aid and Cancers can do it all, baby. You’re adaptable

Leo: Virgin Mimosa

leo summer beverage
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If there’s anything a Leo is not, it’s one note. You’re a multi-faceted individual, Leo, and you need a multi-faceted drink. No plain OJ or mango juice for you. But order a bubbly, sweet, alcohol-free mimosa in a chic champagne glass and you’ll have everybody saying, “I’ll have what they’re having.” Because you’re a true leader.

Virgo: Coke

virgo summer beverage
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If anybody is down to clown, Virgo, it’s you. Whether it’s at a bar, a cookout, or in your kitchen cleaning rust off of a pan, name the occasion and you’re there, Virgo. You can make anything fun, much like a classic can of Coca-Cola. It goes without saying that Virgos turn heads, and I personally have never seen anybody at a gathering completely ignore a Coke.  

Libra: Coconut Water

libra summer beverage
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Libras are Team Practical. You’re open to going out and having fun with friends—on the condition that everyone is hydrating (and not die-drating). However, you are caring in a classy and not overbearing way. Just like how coconut water rehydrates you without any of the excess sugar or wild naming conventions that come with most sports drinks. 

Scorpio: Bubble Tea

scorpio summer beverage
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Your friends know you are not a surface level person, and bubble tea is definitely not a surface level drink. Sugary milk tea is very pleasant, but the real reason anybody orders bubble tea is for the sweet treat at the bottom of the drink—the tapioca boba pearls. Much like you, Scorpio, bubble tea’s best qualities require a little patience and dedication, but are ultimately worth it. And you only trust the ones that stick around long enough to find out. 

Sagittarius: Agua Fresca

agua fresca
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Sagittarius, there is something about you that is so intriguing to other people. Everyone wants to know what makes you tick. This is similar to how people typically react when trying an agua fresca; they simply must know more. How did this drink come to be? What is in it? How can they experience it again and again? Like an agua fresca, your existence leaves people wanting more. 

Capricorn: Root Beer Float

root beer float
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As a Capricorn, you are not here to please people. Sure, a lot of people like root beer floats. But this bold, unique, and confident drink does not exist for the sake or enjoyment of others. Like you, Capricorn, it’s just inherently good, regardless of what anybody else thinks.

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