Best Tortilla Chip & Salsa Pairings

It’s really hard to hate any tortilla chip and salsa pairings. That’s like hating air or hating water. Chips and salsa are just as vital for survival as both of those. Throw a basket of chips in front of anyone who’s even remotely hungry and they’ll start snacking first and ask questions later. But just because chips and salsa are fundamentally delicious, that doesn’t mean some pairings aren’t better than others. We’re here to find the best of the best, after all. Let’s start scooping some truly banging tortilla chip and salsa pairings that will leave you wondering why you didn’t think harder about your pairings before.

On the Border Café Style Tortilla Chips & Pace Restaurant Style Salsa

best chip and salsa pairings

If you’ve ever wondered how you can feel god in this Chili’s tonight without leaving your house, I have the perfect solution for you. Restaurant style chips have a thin and delicate texture that is hard to replicate, but On the Border really nailed it. (They’re a restaurant, after all.) These tortilla chips are sturdy without being thick, thin enough that you can eat a lot and still have room for your entree, and coated with just the right amount of salt to keep you reaching for your margarita. Pair that with a salsa that’s also restaurant style, and you have a pairing that could put Chili’s out of biz. Pace’s Restaurant Style salsa is perfectly pureed so you can pour it into a little serving cup just like the real deal. Close your eyes, eat up, and feel god wherever you find yourself eating this powerful chips and salsa pairing.

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Juanita’s Tortilla Chips & Casa Sanchez Medium Roasted Salsa Verde

best chip and salsa pairings

In my opinion, salsa verde is better than its red counterpart. Just think about it: It’s tangy. It’s savory. It’s roasty. It’s a powerful concoction that calls for a highly flavorful chip. That’s where Juanita’s comes in. These puffy, light, and airy chips are the perfect vehicle for Casa Sanchez salsa verde. The chips feel homemade and so does the salsa. Senior writer Jordan Myrick described it as “rustic,” praising its “big pieces of garlic, springs of cilantro, and whole pepper seeds.” And the chips have a wonderful, oily quality that’s the perfect complement to a tart, bright condiment. An A+ chips and salsa pairing.

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Chicas Lime Tortilla Chips & Sprouts Chipotle Pineapple & Green Chile

best chips and salsa

Fruit salsa can be controversial. With lime tortilla chips? It all just works. We’re pairing Chica’s Lime tortilla chips with this smoky-sweet pineapple salsa from Sprouts. We’re crazy like that! These Chica’s chips taste like freshly fried and salted tortilla chips that were spritzed with fresh lime juice. They’re just so fresh tasting. Likewise, this Sprouts salsa was the only pineapple salsa we tasted that had an unmistakable fresh pineapple flavor. The citrusy tang from the chips really brings out the sweetness and tang in the pineapple salsa. If you don’t fear fruit, this is the ultimate chips and salsa pairing.

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Santitas Cilantro Lime & Herdez Guacamole Salsa Medium

best chips and salsa combo

Santitas Cilantro Lime tortilla chips are the most unique chips on this list. They’re blasted with seasoning, which makes them more like Doritos than plain tortilla chips, but don’t be scared to dip them. Lean into their cilantro-rich flavor by pairing them with Herdez guacamole salsa. First of all, guacamole salsa rules. If you’re still buying store bought guacamole, stop and start buying guacamole salsa instead. Herdez makes a particularly delicious version—it’s super creamy, perfect for the tangy, flavorful chips. Lime is a natural addition to any guac, so these flavors and textures just couldn’t align any better. This might be my favorite chip and salsa pairing on the list because it’s out there, but it just works so well.

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