Sporked Awards: Best Trader Joe’s Products We Tasted in 2023

The best Trader Joe’s products can be hard to find. They have so many options and they’re constantly coming out with new items. How do you pick ones that actually taste good? Don’t worry! We’ve figured it out for you! These are the two Trader Joe’s products that knocked our socks off this year. Buy them before Trader Joe’s inevitably takes them off the shelves and devastates us all.

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Mee Krob Snackers

These crunchy snack squares are incredible. They’re made of crispy noodles and nut pieces. They genuinely taste like authentic Thai food. They touch every single taste bud on your tongue. They’re salty, sweet, savory, and even a little spicy. This is one of my favorite things Trader Joe’s has ever released.

Credit: Liv Averett




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Olive Fougasse

This bread is the best Trader Joe’s bread and the best store bought bread I’ve ever had. It is unreal. It tastes like something you’d buy at a bakery in Italy or France. Pop it in the oven for a few and it’s so toasty and warm. The inside is fluffy and the crust is, well, crusty. There are plenty of olives. This bread is incredible on its own or with a spread. If Trader Joe’s ever discontinues this bread, I will stage a sit-in at my local store.

Credit: Liv Averett




sporked awards 2023

The 2023 Sporked Awards

We ate our way through hundreds of products this year to find the best. Now it’s time to honor the best of the best.

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