Best Canned Turkey Chili for a Lean Lunch

The best turkey chili is every bit as savory and filling as chili that’s made with beef, but it’s usually lower in fat and calories. That seems to be turkey chili’s raison d’etre, but I’ve personally grown to love the way turkey absorbs all the other flavors and spices and gives chili a nice, meaty backbone without all the grease. When I make chili at home, I use ground turkey 80 percent of the time (and veggie crumbles the rest of the time). Surprisingly, there isn’t a lot of canned turkey chili at the grocery store! All the same, I picked up what we could find and ranked it for my fellow turkey chili fans out there. Here’s the best canned turkey chili you can buy. (Oh, and if you prefer beef and/or vegetarian chili, we ranked those, too).

best turkey chili


Dennison’s 98% Fat Free Turkey Chili

Dennison’s makes our favorite canned beef chili of them all so it’s no surprise that the brand makes a good turkey chili, too. This isn’t as flavorful as the best canned turkey chili, but this is a great base for toppings. The beans are super creamy and tender and the ground turkey has a clean, mild flavor—no gaminess at all. It also has a tiny bit of heat, which we always appreciate. Top this with a dollop of fat-free Greek yogurt, reduced fat shredded cheese, and some chopped-up chives, and this canned turkey chili is going to make a really nice meal.

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best turkey chili

Best of the Best

Stagg Turkey Ranchero Chili with Beans

We tasted this canned turkey chili as part of our broader canned chili taste test, and we kind of freaked out over it. Of all the canned chili we tried (and we tried a lot), Stagg Turkey Ranchero chili tasted the most like homemade with its big chunks of vegetables and thick consistency. But, honestly, the best part of this chili is the turkey, and that clearly makes it the best canned turkey chili going. See, the turkey is shredded like stew meat rather than ground like beef and it’s really a revelation. This turkey chili is meaty, flavorful, and so different. Seriously, fill a tortilla with some rice, shredded cheese, and this chili, and that’s lunch.

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Other turkey chili we tried: Hormel Turkey Chili with Beans, Hormel Turkey Chili with No Beans

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  • I always use Hormel turkey chili with no beans to make chili and spaghetti or chili dogs. It has the spice combo for both of these dishes in my opinion.