Best Unexpected Toppings for Ice Cream, According to You

It is well into ice cream season at this point (six and a half months in, to be exact; ice cream season is all year), but not everyone keeps ice cream toppings on hand all the time. In fact, it is actually rare to find a person who is always equipped with maraschino cherries, crushed-up peanuts, and hot fudge (and if you do find that person, marry them), but you know what is not rare? People finding their own ways to boost the flavor and textural contrast of their ice cream with things that they happen to have around the house. We asked you all on Twitter to let us know what the best unexpected topping for ice cream is, and boy did y’all deliver. Because it turns out that much like ice cream is good on pretty much anything, pretty much anything is good on ice cream. And while there were WAY too many good options to include on this list (shout out to boxed cake mix, pretzels, and balsamic vinegar?!? Y’all really are geniuses) we must dive in. So without further ado, here’s the scoop according to you:


Breakfast cereal —@PrJaeBrown

This one is both delicious and practical. You can add crunchiness to your ice cream, and no matter the ice cream’s flavor, there is a cereal out there (perhaps even already in your cabinet) that will complement it well.
Crunchified and Saltified

Potato chips. —@JanetLaCava

Crunchify 👏 And 👏 Saltify 👏 Your👏 Ice Cream 👏 (and use the best plain potato chips)

I feel like coconut shavings is an under rated topping. —@Lekiscool

It’s giving açaí bowl topping, texture, and toasty coconutty goodness.

bacon! —@BarbMalaney

The Jeni’s Dupe

Everything Bagel Seasoning! —@etnom554

I don’t know if this sounds good to me or not…like, I actually don’t know. There’s a chance it’s fantastic. But if that Jeni’s everything bagel ice cream from a year or so ago was your jam, then you gotta give this sweet-and-salty hack a try.
Peanut Butter Drizzle

Peanut butter and marshmallow —@kellsbells75162
Another user specifically suggested melted peanut butter, and I can’t stop thinking about the way the peanut butter would absolutely solidify on the ice cream into little fudgey ribbons. Sign me up.
Spicy Slay

Chili crisp. —@Draconix2090

This one is a classic. The spicy and umami nature of chili crisp with the creaminess and sweetness of ice cream make for a fantastic combo—try this if you haven’t yet.
Inside Out

Stroopwafel. You saw what I did there? That’s meta —@jejernig

@jejernig, Indeed. So meta it just might work. This sounds insanely good and way less messy than trying to eat ice cream in a cone with caramel sauce. Plus, you only need one topping and it covers both flavors!
This Is My Jam

Genuinely, a little bit of strawberry jam with some vanilla or chocolate ice cream is the best. —@TeaBooks_Elsie
I don’t know why I never thought of this on my own, but wow, @TeaBooks_Elsie, we all could have been putting delicious fruit sauces in the form of jams and jellies on our ice cream THIS ENTIRE TIME?!?!
Cocoa Magic

Cocoa drink powder, lightly dusted. It turns the surface of the ice cream into chocolate syrup, and if you mix it in, it’s instant chocolate ice cream. —@leena_pentti

Okay, bye. This article is officially over because I HAVE to go try this and literally cannot wait another second.

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