The Best Vegetarian Gravy for Your Meat-Free Meals

The best vegetarian gravy and the best vegan gravy shouldn’t taste bland just because it’s meatless. It should taste just as rich and flavorful as gravy made with meat and fat.

You can use the best store bought vegetarian gravy for southern-style breakfast plates with eggs and biscuits. The best store bought vegan gravy is ideal for moistening up your Tofurkey roast during the holidays. After trying a bunch of different meat-free gravy options, we landed on two that are absolute perfection. Buy these ASAP! The holidays are quickly approaching and you need something to serve your plant-based loved ones.

best vegan gravy

Best Vegan

Primal Kitchen Mushroom Gravy

Primal Kitchen’s keto-friendly sauces and dressings haven’t always resonated with us, but they totally hit it out of the park with this store bought vegan gravy. It’s creamy, super rich and thick, salty, and a little bit herby. This is the best vegan gravy for anyone who loves flavor but doesn’t eat animal products. It’s also gluten and soy free. Plus, it’s ready to serve, so it’s an easy addition to your dinner table.

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best vegetarian gravy

Best Vegetarian

McCormick Peppered Country Gravy

When we started shopping around for the best vegetarian gravy, country gravy was one of the primary options. While this may not quite be what you’re looking for when you’re looking for vegetarian gravy to eat with a meat-free dinner, maybe it should be. This white gravy is actually perfect. I do not have a single note. It’s thick and rich and creamy. It’s so unbelievably peppery. I want to put this stuff on literally everything. It reminds me of a better version of the white gravy that Dairy Queen carries, which happens to be a personal favorite sauce of mine. Bring this to your Thanksgiving table and it will change the way you do the holiday for the rest of forever. This is easily the best store bought vegetarian gravy and one of the best gravy options in general. I love you, McCormick Peppered Country Gravy Mix.

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