The Best Way to Make Uncrustables

You’ve enjoyed Uncrustables (specifically the best Uncrustables flavors, as determined by us), but have you ever enjoyed a cooked Uncrustables? If not, you should! That being said, not all culinary techniques are created equal when it comes to making Uncrustables. I tried four different methods of cooking grape jelly Uncrustables to find out the best way to make Uncrustables. These are the results. Science!

Toaster Oven (350° for 5 minutes)

best way to make Uncrustables

The nice thing about making Uncrustables in the toaster oven is that they cook very evenly. The outside gets lightly brown all over. The inside and the outside are both hot. It is definitely tasty. I don’t love the crunch you get, though. It’s a little too crispy, which seems unnatural and wrong for Uncrustables. If you can snap an Uncrustables in half, it’s not for me. Making Uncrustables in the toaster oven does that and it’s not my favorite.

Air Fryer (350° for 5 minutes)

best way to make Uncrustables

This was my least favorite way to make Uncrustables. It simply got way too crunchy. I don’t want my grape jelly Uncrustables to crunch like a kettle-cooked potato chip when I bite into it. Skip the air fryer, because it is certainly not the best way to make Uncrustables.

Microwave (3-5 sets of 10 seconds)

best way to make Uncrustables

Making Uncrustables in the microwave is great. It honors the softness of the Uncrustables bread, which is a key component of Uncrustables. Be careful, though! The inside can get boiling hot. Microwave it for 10 seconds at a time. Touch it with your bare hand after each 10-second increment to make sure it isn’t getting too hot inside.

Skillet (medium heat, 3 minutes on each side)

best way to make uncrustables

I liked the skillet method! It made the outside very lightly crunchy in a way I enjoyed. It wasn’t too brittle. It was like the outside of a grilled cheese sandwich. I would definitely make Uncrustables like this again. The only downside is that the inside does not cook as quickly as the outside if you’re cooking it from frozen. When using the skillet method, start with a thawed Uncrustables for the best results.

Winner: Microwave

It’s worth the risk of burning all the skin off of the inside of your mouth. Making Uncrustables in the microwave is definitely the best way to make Uncrustables. It keeps the bread soft. It makes the inside melty and warm. Obviously a thawed Uncrustables is great, but heating it up in the microwave really takes it to the next level.

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