The Best Ways to Personalize a Frozen Cheese Pizza, According to You

We all had that one friend. Every year on their birthday, their mom would buy a big ol’ DiGiorno cheese pizza and we (the children) got to adorn it with WHATEVER TOPPINGS WE WANTED. It was an epic first taste of independence and agency and, let me tell you, I drank that shit up. Or rather, I drank olives up. I would apply a lot of olives. Truly, the pizza was more olives than cheese, crust, and sauce by the time everything was said and done, and it’s a good thing that friend didn’t mind olives, otherwise we would have had a problem (either that or she just said nothing while I ruined her birthday pizza year after year). Point is that people know what they like when it comes to pizza toppings, which is why we asked you (the people) on Twitter: “How do you personalize a frozen cheese pizza?” And boy did y’all deliver, you beautiful foodies, you. Pick up one of the best frozen cheese pizzas at the grocery store and read on.

Honey and Black Pepper

“A little black pep and a drizzle o honey” —@Annaliesehippo

Honestly, this sounds like a subtly sweet-and-salty dream, and I for one am sold.

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Cheesy Garlic ‘Splosion

“extra mozzarella specifically the creamy melt kraft with philly cream cheese and then later the crust with a mixture of melted butter, Italian seasoning & garlic powder” —@scarlettlila_

This sounds like it would give you a heart attack the moment you finish your first slice, but, boy, would it be worth it.

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The Maximalist

Frozen veggies, bacon, pitted olives and a pile of a different cheese, covered in garlic butter. Cook it, cover in yum yum sauce and pickled bell peppers. Chalula and hella heavy on the dried oregano on top —@TheOnlyGbaby
@TheOnlyGbaby, I am curious how you happened upon this very specific combo—but the specificity and sheer amount of ingredients just makes me want to try it more.

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Yes. Just yes. Yes to all of this.

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Hawaii Inspired

“Spam, pineapple and a swirl of teriyaki sauce” —@Coach_Layton

This seems like a significantly elevated, significantly more Hawaiian Hawaiian pizza. I may have to test this out for myself this week—adding SPAM to the ol’ grocery list as we speak. (For the record, pineapple absoLUTELY belongs on pizza, and haters need to calm down).

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Sweet Heat

“sliced pepperoncinis / hot honey 🤤” —@mmattiesnoww

It’s giving tang, it’s giving sweetness, it’s giving spicy, it’s giving, wow, this is a great idea, @mmattiesnoww.

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The Mediterranean

“Black olives and a drizzle of olive oil” —@RStruckus

Wow, a pizza (after) my own heart. Sometimes there is no printer so we just have to acknowledge the fax, and the fax of today is that MORE OLIVES IS BEST OLIVES.

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The CPK Classic

“Smother it with chicken and bbq sauce” —@dakota_ry

Why buy a BBQ chicken pizza when you could spend less money and just adorn your frozen pizza with leftover chicken and the BBQ sauce you already have in the fridge? Throw some red onion on there and you are basically a CPK. A genius move from @dakota_ry.

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Roni and ‘Shrooms

“Mushrooms, roni, and an extra layer of cheese when there’s 4 minutes left on the timer” —@LPtheLPer

I mean you really can’t go wrong with ‘roni, ‘shrooms, and more cheese. This is a safe bet but a good one.

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Sort of a taco?

“Diced chicken before baking, top with Pico de Gallo after it comes out of the oven” —@kellsbells75162

This sounds awesome. The fresh tomato mingling with the cooked tomato and the chicken adding that sweet, sweet protein so you can still get your macros in (if that is something you care about)? Ugh, amazing. Plus, if you fold the whole pizza in half and take a bite, it is sort of a taco? Or a calzone? Or a pizza folded in half with some chicken and pico de gallo in it? Eh, dealer’s choice. Either way, the cube rule is quaking.

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  • Bag of Kraft whole milk low moisture shredded mozzarella. Freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano. Garlic powder around the crust. Drizzle with hot honey before eating.