Beyond Meat Will Release Vegan Steak and We’re Beyond Intrigued

It finally happened, the moment we all knew was coming: Beyond Meat has ventured beyond plant-based ground beef. And no, I don’t mean chicken (I know that’s been a thing for a while). This is a new one. That’s right, Beyond Meat recently announced that they’re going to introduce their first structured meat product later this year: sliced steak. And that’s most of what we know so far. 

I really do wish they’d beef up the PR on this one, as I’m desperate for more details. I have so many questions! Like, when? How? Why? And, for whomst? I would also love to know what this stuff is going to look and taste like.

I can’t answer all of those, alas. But let’s focus on what we do know: 

  1. The CEO of Beyond Meat, Ethan Brown, told the Wall Street Journal at their Global Food Forum that the company will launch the product this year in stores and then eventually move it into restaurants.
  2. Brown also said that this new sliced steak would be “one of [Beyond Meat’s] best products to date.” 
  3. The sliced steak will replicate whole pieces of meat, which is a first for the company. Their existing products replicate ground beef, burgers, meatballs, sausages, beef crumbles, jerky, and chicken tenders
  4. Apparently the demand for Beyond Meat is declining right now, the WSJ reports, and Brown thinks this new product might help turn that around. I guess it’s just that good. 

I’m withholding my judgment for now. Y’all know I’m waiting to see what my buddy (and Beyond Meat’s new spokeswoman) Kim K has to say about this new product before I actually go out and buy it (not that I could even if I wanted to, seeing as the stuff hasn’t even been released). Regardless, I am beyond intrigued and can’t wait to find out more, or rather, I can’t wait to see how the soy crumbles (I know beyond meat isn’t soy-based, but wanted to make an alternative protein joke).

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