Were Brookie-O Oreos Worth Bringing Back?

Brookie-O Oreos are back and a lot of people are freaking out. The limited edition cookies, which disappeared from shelves after their initial release in January 2021, sandwich three kinds of creme between the chocolate Oreo cookies you know and love: brownie, original, and cookie dough.

These insanely popular, special edition Oreos might be a fan favorite, but are they as good as or better than a regular ol’ Oreo? Here’s what we thought about it at Sporked.

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Brookie-O Oreos

I should’ve loved the Brookie-O Oreos. First of all, three layers or creme?! Sign me up. Plus, how could I not like anything flavored like brownies and cookies? And here’s the thing: It’s not that I didn’t like them. When it comes down to it, they’re still Oreos. They taste good. That being said, we found them underwhelming.

What was promised was a flavor explosion of brownie, Oreo, and chocolate chip cookie. What we got felt more like an overly sweet, one-note cookie that tasted a little artificial.

We’re sad to say this, but the Brookie-O Oreos did not deserve to be brought back.

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Target




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