Brookie-O Oreos Are Coming Back and They Hit All the Cookie Bases

When I heard about the new Oreo flavor (which is technically not new, but an old favorite returning), I said, “Well gosh if that doesn’t sound like the world’s most perfect cookie!!!” I said it in my head, because I’m in my apartment alone right now and I wouldn’t want to freak out my neighbors by yelling about Oreos. And if you are a cookie lover like I am, your Oreo enthusiasm might be at scare-the-neighbors levels, too, because these returning limited-edition Brookie-O Oreos seem like they might be the cookie to end all cookies.

Because this one single cookie is an amalgamation of so many different types of cookies, my dudes. This Oreo is to cookies as Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse is to animation styles–it’s got ‘em all. It’s got normal chocolate Oreo cookies on the outside, and then three layers of crème: brownie flavored, original flavored, and COOKIE DOUGH-FLAVORED. You guys, HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THESE LAST TIME THEY CAME OUT?!?! Call me Patrick Star because I must have been living under a rock.

For context, Brookie-O Oreos were first introduced in January 2021, inspired by the glorious cookie/brownie hybrid known as the “brookie” (which even the New York Times approves of). So, it turns out I wasn’t living under a rock, I was just in college and in the thick of COVID times, too busy scream-cry-singing “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo in my room to stay on top of Oreo-related news. Alas, the Brookie-O Oreos were gone soon after they appeared, leaving many yearning for their return. 

I guess people really loved these things. Turns out, a combo of Cookie Dough Oreos (discontinued as of 2014) and Brownie Batter Oreos (discontinued in 2015) smashed together with a plain Oreo was just as delicious as you would imagine. It’s no wonder they were missed! Luckily, they’re coming back to shelves on September 12, Oreo has announced on Instagram. And you better believe I will be buying these as soon as they hit shelves, and if anyone tries to stop me, I will scream-cry Olivia Rodrigo songs at them.

Finally, because this is an Oreo article, I will now guess what the next triple-layer creme Oreo will be. Back in June, they launched the Neapolitan Oreo, based on the popular triple ice cream flavor. And now they’ve (re)launched the Brookie-O, which is inspired by cookies (and brownies). This leaves one logical next step: a triple-layer cake-inspired Oreo that combines some sort of chocolate cake, red velvet cake, and birthday cake-flavored creme. Or chocolate cake, yellow cake, and birthday cake creme? Or chocolate, yellow and birthday cake creme with red velvet cookies. And that’s my final guess. Anyhoo, whether or not my prediction is true, I’m excited to see what Oreo cremes up next!

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