Oreo Revealed Their New Flavor and It’s Inspired by Ice Cream

Four weeks and 50 days ago, I brought forth upon this website my guess as to what the next Oreo flavor would be. I predicted they would finally revamp their Fourth of July Oreo, but make it “freedom flavored” with a picture of the American flag in the creme. And boy was I wrong. The new flavor is Limited-Edition Neapolitan, and I’m kind of happy my initial guess was wrong because this new ice cream-inspired flavor looks oh so right.

I will admit I was disappointed at first, because I imagined the Neapolitan Oreo as a vanilla Oreo cookie with a single layer of stripy creme in three different colors that taste the same throughout (like Oreo’s 2013 Rainbow “Shure, Bert!” flavor). But that couldn’t be farther from the truth, y’all. According to Mashed, the cookie itself is waffle cone-flavored with a waffle design stamped into it (instead of the usual geometric Oreo pattern). And the CREME. Ooooooooh ho ho, the creme! This bad boy is triple stuffed with one layer of vanilla, one layer of chocolate, and one layer of strawberry creme (and one layer of my heart <3).

This is not a drill, folks. Those Oreo innovators really are on to something. The waffle cone flavor and pattern on the cookies? Genius. This is one of those Limited Edition releases that I will actively seek out. I must. For Narnia!!!

And now, it’s that time again. I have to try and predict what the next Oreo flavor will be. My guess is it will come in the fall, and since they’ve already done pumpkin spice (just like everyone and their mother), I’m thinking pumpkin spice latte. Or pecan pie. Or sweet potato casserole with marshmallows. Or pile of raked leaves (my personal frontrunner). Guess we’ll have to wait until October to see how the cookie (and creme) crumbles. 

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