Ready the Milk, New Mocha Caramel Latte Oreos Are Coming in April

Well, my friends, the geniuses at Oreo have done it again. They’ve come up with a new flavor. A new coffee-related flavor to be precise. A new Mocha Caramel Latte flavored Oreo to be even more precise, and it’s hitting shelves for the first time in April.

Now you may be thinking, “Wait, didn’t they already do a coffee-flavored Oreo in 2017 with the Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Oreos? Or in 2019 when they released latte Oreo Thins? Or in 2020 when they released Oreos with tiramisu-flavored creme? Or in January of 2021 when they released Java Chip Oreos?” 

Of course, you may not be thinking any of these things if you aren’t a pathological Oreo nerd like me, who feverishly records new Oreo releases so I know when the sandwich cookie research-and-development folks are being redundant and when they are being flavor-concocting innovators. 

The jury is still out on these new Mocha Caramel Latte Oreos (alas, I have not tried them as it is not yet April), but given that they’re Double Stuf, limited edition, and flavored like something I generally enjoy at my local coffee shop, I’m excited to try them. I do have some questions though. Will they be real caramelly or fake caramelly? Will they pack a strong coffee flavor, a weak-sauce coffee flavor, or single-origin organic and ethically sourced Colombian coffee flavor? Is the mocha part all from the cookie itself, or is there cocoa in the creme? Also, what is the meaning of life? Why are we here? Just some questions I’d like this cookie to answer. 

And now, just for funsies (and also wouldn’t it be hilarious if I was right?), I’m going to try to predict the next Oreo flavor: 

First of all, I bet it’s going to be a Fourth of July Oreo. Now, they’ve done white creme with Pop Rocks-style popping candy, and stacked red, white, and blue creme with Pop Rocks-style candy, so I think this year it’s going to be a chocolate cookie with creme that actually looks like the stars and stripes of the flag when you open it, and also (surprise!) it has Pop Rocks inside. As for the flavor itself: Freedom. Or maybe berry. I have no idea.

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