Did You Know You Can Order Custom Oreos? We Tried It.

I have finally found a way to merge my two favorite things: cats and sweets. I accomplished this by using the OreoiD website to create and order custom Oreos with a picture of my cat’s adorable, screaming face on them. We suspect this service largely exists to make gifts for others, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself, you know? Here’s how the process works, in case you want to surprise someone (or yourself).

Color and Filling

You can choose from eight colors for your filling: classic white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, or pink. You are also presented with an option to change the filling flavor to birthday cake, although that means you can’t change the color. I am a sucker for anything birthday cake flavored, and the little rainbow flecks in the white birthday filling were practically calling my name. I had to have them. 


You can then choose to have the cookie dipped in fudge (naturally I chose white fudge seeing as how I am in love with all things white chocolate). After fudge comes your choice of sprinkles coating the outer rim of the Oreo. You have the same choice of colors as the filling and you can choose more than one this time. I chose all of them because I am extra and really want to taste the rainbow.


The site then offers you a chance to add a picture. OreoiD recommends uploading an image that has a minimalistic background with the subject in close range. They do warn that distant subjects and landscape images do not print well. With that in mind, I chose a close-up picture of my cat doing one of his favorite things: yelling. He is typically a biter and not a scratcher, so using his image on my Oreos gives me a chance to finally bite him back for once. Now who’s going to crunch like a pickle?!


From there you can add one to two lines of text to your image. You may also choose a font, and while the urge to use “Oreo Sans” was tempting, I went with Libre Baskerville Bold, because I know that my cat has expensive taste and would only approve of the fanciest looking typeface. I went with a direct quote from my cat: “AAAH.”


custom oreo packaging
Credit: Ryan Martin

After finishing up the lines of text, you can choose whether you’d like your cookies to be individually packaged or all included in one box. This isn’t any standard Oreo packaging either—these boxes are sleeeeeek. Here you can also choose the numberof cookies you’d like. I pictured myself ordering these for a small birthday party and went with the smallest quantity the site offers: a box of 12 cookies for $39.95. Placing the order itself was straightforward, but be careful to go in and order quickly or your order will time out and you’ll have to start all over without your masterpiece intact.

Turnaround Time

I was told it would take eight to ten days for processing alone (not including shipping), however the cookies ended up being dispatched really quickly. I ordered them on a Monday and they were shipped that Thursday. They arrived the following Tuesday after being shipped! I should note that I live in California, the same state from which the Oreos were shipped, so the turnaround time may vary for those living in other states.

custom oreos in their box
Credit: Ryan Martin

These cookies are verrrrrry sweet. If you’re buying these for a party, everyone will only need one because they are sinfully sugary. You can definitely taste the birthday cake flavor (yum~) and it goes so well with the sprinkles on the outside! Also nice: Oreo did not skimp on the filling in these. In terms of the graphics, the image itself printed really well. You can definitely distinguish everything in the picture and the text is quite legible. The edible paper aspect of it was just fine. Not great to chew but not totally off putting either. The texture of the sprinkles and the cookie beneath were enough to distract from the sensation of biting into the paper, and there was no obvious taste of ink.

Overall, my experience with OreoiD was a pleasant one. I received, in my mind, exactly what I ordered and could picture myself ordering these again for a loved one or a special occasion.

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