Rhett & Link Taste the Beefiest Mail-Order Steaks

*Knock knock* It’s the meat man!

On a September 16, 2019, episode of Good Mythical Morning, the boys tasted and ranked mail-order steaks. Personally, I’m always delighted and shocked that you can just get steak delivered to your doorstep. I mean, steak in the mail?! What a concept. It’s like the milkman, only there’s no man, and instead of milk, it’s meat. I love it. If a box of steak ever showed up to my doorstep I would feel like I won the lottery.

Towards the end of this taste test, Link admitted that he doesn’t eat a ton of steak, so he offered to defer to Rhett during the final moments. Ultimately, this was more of a Rhett ranking than a Rhett & Link ranking. 

Here were Rhett’s (with some help from Link’s) favorites.

Omaha Steaks

Rhett eats a lot of steak, so he was able to more accurately discern fresh steak from its lesser counterpart. That came in handy with Omaha Steaks. “This is not bad, but I feel like I can kind of tell that it came from a box,” said Rhett. This one had a bit of a frozen taste to it, according to our Steak King. 

Kansas City Steak Company

Kansas City Steak Company’s round filet arrives aged 28 days, so it’s got a bit of a funky taste. This one is a bit more expensive than Omaha Steaks, but that apparently translates to better quality. “It’s a little more tender,” said Link. Rhett declared this one “immediately, without a doubt, better than Omaha.” 


Compared to the other steaks on the list, D’Artagnan was “considerably more tender,” said Rhett.  The steaks that ranked below this one all had a sort of frozen aftertaste, according to Rhett, but that wasn’t the case here. Great product, decent price, and a fresh meat taste. That’s what made D’Artagnan good enough for third place.

Snake River Farms 

“I think that mine has almost a lamb situation going on,” said Rhett about this steak. It seems like the flavor was a little bit off, maybe even a bit gamey. Rhett & Link’s Snake River Farms steaks tasted very different from each other, which was perplexing. “No two steaks are the same, like snowflakes,” said Link. Pitting the best Snake River Farms steak against Pat Lafrieda made for a close race, but Pat still won based off of its consistency. 

Pat LaFrieda

Pat LaFrieda took the crown as Commander-in-Beef over Snake River Farms by a hair. Rhett weighed in with the final decision, saying that it tasted just barely better than Snake River Farms. Pat’s was the largest, most expensive of the steaks that they ordered, and apparently the best quality, too.

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