This New Bubly Flavor Is Essentially a Canned Mocktail

You’ve heard of cocktails, you’ve heard of mocktails, but have you heard of canned ready-to-drink mocktail-inspired sparkling water? I certainly hadn’t. Until today, that is. Bubly (a PepsiCo brand) just launched its first-ever canned mocktail, and its name is Bellini Bliss Bubly. That’s arguably a lot of alliteration according to a-me, a-Mario. If you’ve ever seen a Bubly ad, you’d think they might’ve chosen to name this new drink “Michael Bublini” or something, but I guess “Bellini Bliss” works too. It’s also more descriptive, which is good. Wouldn’t want to accidentally lead people to believe the sparkling water is “Michael” flavored.

I must say, this whole “canned mocktail” thing makes sense on so many levels, and is kind of an exciting concept! Ready-to-drink or “RTD” cocktails are super popular right now, and, according to a Gallup poll from last year, “40% of U.S. adults said they did not drink alcohol, which is the highest number in recent decades.” So really this new genre of drink seems like a home run mix of the “ready-made cocktail” hype and the “non-alcoholic” hype. Also, it just sounds delicious. According to Food Dive, Bubly’s Bellini Bliss is supposed to taste like “peach, pineapple, and mango, creating a nonalcoholic version of the popular peach-and-champagne cocktail,” so for those of you who were wondering how this would be different from Bubly’s already existing peach flavor, there’s your answer. 

The swanky, summery seltzer water is apparently already available at Target. If I see this in a store this summer, you better bellinieve I will be giving this drink a try. I’m not usually the hugest fan of peach-flavored things, but mix it with any sort of tropical fruit flavor and I’m sold. Or I guess the can is. To me. 

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