Is Cap’n Crunch a Real Captain? And More Cap’n Crunch FAQs

If I was ever lost in the supermarket as a young child, my folks always knew exactly where to find me: the cereal aisle. One is never alone in the cereal aisle, it’s full of old friends…the Trix Rabbit, the Honey Smacks Frog, and, of course, everyone’s favorite cereal daddy, Cap’n Crunch. After dutifully saluting this man in uniform, though, you’re left to wonder…who is Cap’n Crunch? What branch of armed forces is he serving? Why is he so concerned with crunch-a-tizing our nation’s youth? I’m here to answer at least a few of those questions for you. Let’s crunch right in! 

Who makes Cap’n Crunch?

Cap’n Crunch is a wildly successful line of corn and oat cereals that was introduced in 1963 and manufactured by the Quaker Oats Company (aka, the guy with the hat). The cartoon mascot was created by The Munsters co-creator Allen Burns, and animated by Jay Ward, the television tycoon who brought Rocky & Bullwinkle and Dudley Do-Right to Saturday morning stardom.  

What flavor is Cap’n Crunch?

While it’s also available in an easier-to-describe peanut butter flavor, the sweet corn taste of Cap’n Crunch “classic” is a little tougher to pinpoint. The delectable flavor of a bowl of Cap’n Crunch has been compared to a pleasant blend of butter, vanilla, caramel, and brown sugar. But, for many, the taste of Cap’n Crunch is entirely unique unto itself. 

When did Cap’n Crunch come out?

Cap’n Crunch was introduced in 1963—a year before Lucky Charms and a year after Froot Loops. Oh, and a full 35 years before “Flutie Flakes,” a short lived but very real cereal based off the 1998 quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. 

What rank is Cap’n Crunch? Is Cap’n Crunch a captain?

Naval history aficionados have noted from the beginning that Cap’n Crunch only wears the bars of a Navy commander. Typically, an American Naval captain wears four bars on his sleeves, and Cap’n Crunch has been depicted over the years wearing only one bar (ensign), two bars (lieutenant), or three bars (commander). While this indicates some degree of stolen valor on the Cap’n’s part, one must admit that a cereal called C’mmander Crunch still sounds pretty tasty, too. 

What is Cap’n Crunch’s full name?

Even though it’s awfully difficult to get hold of a cartoon character’s birth certificate, we have it on good authority that Cap’n Crunch’s official name is Horatio Magellan Crunch, and, furthermore, his ship is christened the S.S. Guppy. He was born on Crunch Island, a magical island off the coast of Ohio in the “Sea of Milk.” Please forward 10% of any trivia contest prize money you win with this information directly to our headquarters, thank you! 

Cap’n Crunch will hopefully be sailing the seven seas of the world’s cereal selection for years to come. Despite the constant malfunctions down at their factories leading to boxes of “All Crunchberries”… Oops, indeed! Let’s pay a little more attention to our jobs, please! After all, you don’t want to be demoted to ensign again!  

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Joe Rumrill is a fictional one-eyed spinach-loving sailor created in 1929 by E.C Se- Wait, no, that's not right... Joe Rumrill is a stand up comedian and writer currently based in Los Angeles. His favorite thing about food is a close tie between the taste and the nutrients one gets from it. His least favorite thing about it is the "gritty, dirt-like quality some food has", but he's most likely referring to the time in third grade he was dared to eat playground sand.

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  • The commander of a Navy vessel is the “Captain”, regardless of rank. It is common for submarines to be commanded by Commanders, who usually are promoted to Captain during their command. Some riverine vessels are captained by Chief Petty Officers, even. It’s no shock to me that Cap’n Crunch would be sporting only 3 stripes on his sleeve. What is surprising is that he’s been passed over for promotion so many times; selections happen once a year. He must have screwed up badly early in his career to be stuck in this dead-end command where he can’t seem to get promoted. His leadership has clearly failed him, or they would have found him some kind of opportunity to make good, or revoked his commission. Surely, he’s in some kind of administrative limbo. Ah, well, it all counts in 20, right?

    Source: nearly a decade swabbing the deck for Uncle Sam