Cap’n Crunch’s Superhero Flavors Are Here to Rescue You from Cereal Boredom

For a limited time only, normal Cap’n Crunch has sailed out and superhero Cap’n Crunch has flown in. If you’re a die-hard Marvel fan, you may be disappointed to know the company went with a DC Comics-theme. So you won’t be seeing boxes with “Cap’n America” and “Oops All Infinity Stones” on them this summer (seems like a missed opportunity but, hey, nobody asked me). 

What you will be seeing is Cap’n Crunch boxes displaying retro-style images of Superman, Superwoman, and the Flash. The Superman and Superwoman cereals are the same flavor, “Strong Berry,” which is red, yellow, and blue in color, triangle-shaped (like the Superman/woman logo), and tastes like strawberry. I guess that’s why it’s called Strong Berry, although I find that pun to be a stretch (and this is coming from someone with a strong penchant for berry bad puns). The Flash-themed boxes will contain lightning bolt-shaped cereal that tastes like Cinnamon (although people apparently think it has more of a maple syrupy flavor to it).

If you’re a DC super-fan and you want to get one of these boxes to either keep as a collector’s item or sell to Rhett & Link for a discontinued snacks episode in ten years, then you better act fast! I bet these limited-edition boxes are flying (get it?) off the shelves. So you might want to bring some Kryptonite with you on your next trip to the grocery store, just to keep them grounded long enough to put one in your cart.

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