An Honest Review of New Celsius Cosmic Vibe

Celsius has been on a real ~ vibe ~ kick lately. A few months ago, the energy drink—ahem, fitness drink—released a slew of vibey new flavors, including Peach Vibe, Arctic Vibe, Oasis Vibe, and Tropical Vibe. You can probably guess what that first one tasted like, but the more conceptual Vibe flavors would be harder to nail down if the can didn’t explicitly state the flavor profile (for instance, Oasis Vibe is prickly pear-lime and Arctic Vibe is “frozen berry,” which in hindsight, I suppose, isn’t that helpful). The latest Celsius vibe to hit stores? Celsius Cosmic Vibe, which purports to be sparkling fruit punch flavored. Sure, it’s a ~ vibe ~ but does it taste as stellar as it sounds? We cracked open a can to find out.

celsius cosmic vibe review

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Celsius Cosmic Vibe

I’ve tasted pretty much every Celsius flavor (I’ve even ranked all the Celsius flavors for your reading pleasure!) and, in general, I really like Celsius. It’s light and refreshing and has a pleasing fizz, but the downside is that Celsius varieties very frequently taste like artificial sweeteners—some more than others. Unfortunately, Cosmic Vibe is one of the flavors that tastes very strongly of artificial sweeteners. I get it: These drinks are sugar free, but fruit punch is super sweet, so you gotta sweeten it up somehow. Still, that unpleasant flavor really lingers as you sip. Also, I don’t think this tastes enough like fruit punch. It needs more pineapple in the flavor profile—all I get is harsh cherry candy flavor. As a self-proclaimed Celsius expert, I can say I’ve certainly had worse flavors, but this definitely isn’t one of the best flavors.

Credit: Liv Averett / Celsius




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