It’s Marketed as a ‘Fitness Drink’ But What Is Celsius Drink, Really?

As a super popular social media influencer, I need to stay up to date with everything that’s totally bussin, no cap. Otherwise, when I’m relating to all the hip kids out there, I may come off as some kind of embarrassing dork. While I keep up with all the hot goss and extremely talented lip synchers on TikTok, I keep seeing something that I didn’t even know existed: healthy energy drinks. What would have seemed like an oxymoron a couple of years ago is now a hot fitness trend. And the brand that keeps popping up is Celsius. 

What is Celsius drink? 

Celsius is marketed as a healthy energy drink and pre-workout beverage for the fitness crowd. It is marketed as a work out supplement, dietary supplement, and energy drink all in one. Celsius also claims that it is “a fitness drink that accelerates metabolism, burns body fat and provides healthy energy.” So what does all that mean? Essentially, Celsius is a sugar-free energy drink with vitamins in it. 

What exactly is in Celsius? Does it contain caffeine?

You bet Celsius contains caffeine. The amount differs by flavor and type but it’s roughly the equivalent of two cups of coffee per can. It has taurine, like most energy drinks. Celsius contains sucralose rather than regular sugar. There’s also ingredients like green tea leaf extract, guarana, taurine and ginger root extract to get vitamins like Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Calcium, and Chromium. These may support metabolism and energy production. 

Who owns Celsius? 

Celsius was developed by Steve Haley who was the CEO from 2004 to 2011. The current CEO is John Fieldly. Celsius is now a publicly traded company, called Celsius Holdings, Inc and goes by CELH on the NASDAQ. Its largest shareholder is PepsiCo, which is also its preferred distribution partner as of 2022. Pepsi bought into Celsius when their partnership with Bang energy drinks went topsy-turvy because of Bang’s wacky owner. Other large investors in Celsius are Fidelity Management, The Vanguard Group, and BlackRock Fund Advisors. You may have seen Flo Rida in some Celsius social media posts, as well. While people may associate him with Celsius, he is not the owner. Flo Rida did some advertising for Celsius and claimed he was supposed to receive a one percent stake in the company when certain milestones were reached. When that didn’t happen, Flo Rida sued and was awarded $82.6 million in damages.

When’s the best time to drink Celsius? 

Some of Celsius’s marketing calls it a pre-workout drink. If you are using Celsius as a pre-workout supplement, then the best time to drink it would be around 15 minutes before you begin physical activity. But as a sugar-free caffeine jolt, you can drink it anytime you would normally reach for a soda or cold brew. For me, I drink it while I’m working out. Which means I will probably get around to drinking it soon but I don’t have any concrete plans as to when.

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