Cheez-It Has Something for Spicy Chip Heads

I have to come clean, I’ve never been a Cheez-It gal. There are very few snack foods I am able to turn down and Cheez-Its are one of those few. Why? Couldn’t tell ya. But this week Cheez-It came out with a product that just might change my mind: (Limited Time Only) Scorchin’ Hot Cheddar Cheez-It Snap’d. Thin and crispy baked snacks with a coating of violently red cheesy and spicy powder? Now we’re talkin’, Cheez-It. It seems like this is Cheez-It’s answer to the spicy chip craze that has been sweeping the country of late. Or Cheez-It just decided, “Hey, hows about we make something amazingly good this time?” Either way, as someone who cannot resist any sort of aggressively red spicy snack, I’m here for it. 

Now I wasn’t aware of this (again, not usually a Cheez-It person), but this isn’t the first time Cheez-It has released a Scorchin’ Hot offering. Turns out there are also Scorchin’ Hot Cheez-It Grooves (a sort of extra-crispy Cheez-It with more surface area to catch flavor), and Scorchin’ Hot Cheez-It Puff’d (Cheez-It’s answer to the ever-popular Cheeto). I HAVE to try one of these. I’ve truly only ever had Cheez-Its and White Cheddar Cheez-Its in my life, and I realize I can’t continue to go around saying I don’t like Cheez-Its until I’ve tried at least one of their Scorchin’ Hot items. That would be like only listening to “Love Story” and deciding you don’t like Taylor Swift (which, by the way, would never happen but I needed an analogy, relax). Anyway, point is, I shall keep an open mind because these “cheezy” hot items honestly look pretty good, and I’m especially curious about how spicy they really are.

But if I want to try the “Snap’d” version, I have to try them soon because they are only around for the summer. I guess the company figured “hot weather = hot food” was the way to go. I don’t disagree with them. Hot food makes you sweat, sweat cools you off—et voilà, built-in Cheez-It AC. (Cheez-)It all makes sense now. 

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