Cherry Lime-Flavored Popcorn Exists and We’re Keeping an Open Mind

I am personally a big fan of the flavor combination of cherry and lime. Cherry lime-flavored drinks, gum, and popsicles are always a hit in my book. But of all the cherry-lime products I’ve tried, there has been one common thread: They are all sweet. That ends this summer, because LesserEvil (the healthy vegan popcorn brand with the smiling Buddha on the packaging) has partnered with RIND Snacks (a dried fruit brand) to bring us the popcorn flavor of the summer: Yup, you guessed it, Cherry-Lime. 

My first thought was “ew.” Because I was imagining artificial cherry-flavoring on popcorn and it kind of ruined my day, not gonna lie. But after thinking (and reading) more about it, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt. This new popcorn will reportedly be “tossed in coconut oil, upcycled cherry and lime fruit powders” from RIND, which doesn’t sound too artificial. It will also contain LesserEvil’s “signature hint of Himalayan pink salt.” Overall, that doesn’t sound so bad! If you want to try it for free, the company is doing a giveaway (ending on Sunday, so act fast), check out the details below:

This is not LesserEvil’s first fruity popcorn rodeo. Last summer LesserEvil and RIND collaborated to release Watermelon Hibiscus, Lemonade, and Peach Mango-flavored popcorn varieties. And while I didn’t try any of those, I have tried their pink lemonade popcorn and I had mixed feelings. It wasn’t bad, but it was inconsistent. Some kernels were blasted with flavor, and these tasted lemony, acutely sour, salty, and honestly delicious. But other kernels were on the blander side. 

However, I’m keeping an open mind about this cherry-lime popcorn. Will it be an evenly coated, sweet, sour, and salty delight? Or will the fruit flavors be too mild since they come from dried fruit? Will I buy it either way and see for myself? I can guarantee yes to that last question. Because there’s a chance that this popcorn will taste like a hybrid between a cherry and a lime Otter Pop. It’s a small chance, but it’s not zero so I’m holding on to hope.

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