Sporked-Approved Christmas Dinner Ideas

We did it. We got through Thanksgiving and are no longer bound by the shackles of preparing and consuming that obligatory, once-a-year traditional turkey dinner. We are free to have some fun with Christmas dinner. Move aside, turkey, we have options this time. Now, you can absolutely go the traditional route with a nice Christmas goose or rack of lamb. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. But we think it’s worth exploring the creative ways you could change up what lands on the Christmas dinner table this year. Here are some Sporked-approved foods for an easy, tasty Christmas dinner.

Honey Baked Ham with Wild Mountain Honey

I know I just went on and on about breaking with tradition and trying something new (and easy). And I know baked ham is a very traditional Christmas dinner food, but we’re making an exception for this salty-sweet masterpiece. If you’re looking for the perfect honey to use as a glaze for your honey baked ham this year, look no further than Wild Mountain Honey. What it lacks in aesthetically pleasing packaging it makes up for in the bright flavors of caramelized oranges and pears. Glaze your Christmas ham with this stuff and you might just wind up with a new tradition on your hands.

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Gardein Plant-Based Turk’y Roast

You may have had a Gardein Plant-Based Turk’y Roast at Thanksgiving, but that was a month ago and this thing is worth revisiting. If you’re vegan or vegetarian and want a filling, festive main dish, this is pretty much perfect, especially compared to that dried-out husk known as a Tofurky loaf. The “meat” is super tender, and the breading encasing the loaf is lightly seasoned and adds just a little bit of crunch. We haven’t even gotten to the gravy. The gravy?? A perfectly seasoned blanket of warmth and moisture that makes the whole dish even better. You’re going to like this one.

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Banquet Turkey Pot Pie

A frozen pot pie is a sneaky but perfect choice when you want something filling and flavorful that requires literally zero effort or prep work. While your oven is filled to the brim with sides, use your microwave to heat some Banquet turkey pot pies. These pot pies have full fat flavor with creamy gravy, big chunks of dark meat turkey, potatoes, carrots, and peas. My favorite thing about serving pot pies for Christmas dinner is that they take all of the guesswork out of portioning. Just cook one per guest and you’re set. And if anyone gives you guff for serving frozen pot pies for Christmas dinner, put coal in their stocking next year.

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Giovanni Rana Meat Lasagna

That’s right, we’re getting a little crazy with this one. But think about it. It’s warm, filling, and comforting. Lasagna was made to be enjoyed for Christmas dinner. Giovanni Rana lasagna was the clear winner in our taste of the best frozen lasagna, and you’ll totally see why once you take this tray out of the oven. It’s tasty, rich, meaty, and cheesy, just like homemade lasagna. It even has a homemade look that matches its homemade flavors. Cheesy layers of ricotta, mascarpone, fontina, and cheese sauce are complemented by Rana’s flavorful meat sauce. In Italy, lasagna is a traditional Christmas Eve food, but we think it works for Christmas dinner, too.

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Chinese Food from Trader Joe’s

Your Jewish friends and people with small families have made eating Chinese food a Christmas tradition. But getting a reservation or having takeout delivered in a timely manner can be a pain on Christmas Day. Instead, make your very own Chinese takeout at home. A trip to Trader Joe’s is perfect for this. Earlier this year, we put their Chinese food to the test and particularly liked their orange chicken and fried rice. The real showstoppers are their frozen soup dumplings. These are so good! The skin is delicate, the filling is flavorful, and there’s tons of broth inside. Throw these in the microwave while your other dishes cook and you’ll be set for a Chinese feast.

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