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Oreo is back at it again with the new flavors, and this time they’ve released a summery, county fair-esque treat that is (*gasp*) not cotton candy related. That’s right, I’m talking about Churro Oreos, people. This is not a drill. The packaging describes them as a “fried dough flavored cookie and churro flavored creme with sugar inclusions.” Phew. I was worried Oreo was not going to include sugar in the creme (just kidding @Oreo, I trust you implicitly). But beyond that strange wording on the packaging (which I would later learn specifically refers to crunchy sugar crystals in the creme), these bad boys look pretty promising, so it’s about time I stopped talking and started trying these fried-dough-adjacent, Oreo-lookin’, churro-masquerading bad boys.

churro oreos review

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Churro Oreo

When you first crack open the pack of Churro Oreos, it smells exactly like walking by a churro stand at the fair. It also smells exactly like a “spice cookie”-esque fall candle. It’s kind of a Yanny and Laurel situation—whichever I am thinking about is what it smells like. But rest assured that if you think about churros and take a whiff, these Oreos do in fact smell exactly like churros. What I wasn’t expecting is that the cookie itself contains cinnamon-y sugar crystals, too. Absolutely delicious.

Pros: I mean, gosh, they did it. When you take a bite of cookie and creme together, these things taste just like churros. It’s uncanny. On its own, the fried dough-flavored cookie does, in fact, taste like fried dough, and the little crunchy, cinnamon-y bits in the cookie make the cookie even by itself taste pretty churro-like. The creme is very subtly cinnamon-y with lots of crunchy “sugar inclusions.” If you were looking for Oreos that taste like churros, well then, my friend, you got ‘em.

Cons: If you think too much about fall candles while you eat these, you will get a bit of that telltale “fall candle trying to smell like a baked good but failing because wax ain’t cookies” scent, but it’s nowhere near bad. Unlike pumpkin Oreos, these do a good job of tasting like they are, first and foremost, a food. One other con: The creme is a bit subtle. I would’ve liked a bit more spicy cinnamon in the creme and/or in the sugar inclusions in the creme. But I must stress that none of these things are dealbreakers.




These Churro Oreos taste good. Would I buy them again? I don’t know, that’s a lot of one very specific flavor, so I might not. But if you really like churros and Oreos, or you just like trying new things, I would recommend buying these at least once to see what all the fuss is about!

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