Coke Is Dropping a New Flavor with DJ Marshmello (No, It’s Not Marshmallow)

Coca-Cola Creations (Coca-Cola’s series of innovative and out-there flavors) has done it again. First, they brought us Coke Starlight, which tasted like outer space, followed by the Coca-Cola Byte Zero Sugar which tasted like pixels. And now, they’re about to bring us the third in what I’m sure will be a long line of confusing, intriguing, and unique Coca-Cola flavors: The Artist Marshmello’s Limited-Edition Coca-Cola. 

This release differs from the previous two crazy Coke creations in a couple important ways. Firstly, this drink is part of a collaboration with grammy-nominated DJ and electronic music producer, Marshmello, making it Coca-Cola’s first collab with an artist on a new flavor. And secondly, unlike “outer space” and “pixels,” we actually know the flavor of this one. It will supposedly taste like strawberry and watermelon (and Coke). Not marshmallow flavor?! I feel like a toasted marshmallow Coca-Cola would be bomb, but I understand Marshmello not wanting his fluffy, sugary namesake being roasted on an open flame. Gotta protect your kin.

All things considered, this new flavor sounds pretty good! It obviously depends a little on how fake the strawberry and watermelon flavors are, since we’ve all been burned before (if you’re a marshmallow, you know what I’m talking about! Seriously, people need to stop putting marshmallows directly in the flames). But I’m curious to see how this drink actually tastes! The flavor will be released along with its zero sugar counterpart on July 25. And when it comes to trying new sodas, I am one D.J. (down Jessica).

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