What We Know So Far About Raspberry Spiced Coca-Cola

One of my favorite things is using the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine at the movie theater to make raspberry Coke. (It’s the simple things, people.) So, naturally, I’m excited for the upcoming releases of Raspberry Spiced Coca-Cola and Raspberry Spiced Zero Sugar Coca-Cola in February 2024. This news was announced at this year’s National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) show, where it was also revealed that a new cherry-lime Sprite flavor, Sprite Chill, is in the works.

So far, details about Raspberry Spiced Coke are scarce. For instance, we don’t even know what the “spice” in question will be. Coca-Cola already experimented with Cinnamon Coke, which The Impulsive Buy said smelled and tasted “like someone added about a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a bottle of Coke.” That soda was last seen in stores in 2020, but if that foray into spice is any indication, the “spice” in Raspberry Spiced Coke might not be too overwhelming. Unfortunately, there’s not currently a raspberry-only Coca-Cola flavor in stores; the brand confirmed on Twitter (now X) in 2020 that their California Raspberry flavor had been discontinued. How berry disappointing.

The Coca-Cola Raspberry Spiced cans look similar to Coca-Cola Energy cans, since both are skinny can models that feature 3-D-ish waves behind the product name. It’s interesting that Coca-Cola isn’t releasing this new drink in the winter since the concept evokes a holiday vibe for me. Oh well, no winter wonderland for us. Hopefully, Coca-Cola can up their game with this release because we weren’t obsessed with the new Y3000 Coca-Cola that was co-created by AI.

Dear Raspberry Spiced Coca-Cola, please pull through and stay away from intelligent machines!

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