Here’s What the New Coke Y3000 Tastes Like (and If It’s Any Good)

AI isn’t just coming for screenwriters’ jobs. It’s also making soda. The latest new Coke flavor of 2023 is Coca-Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar, and, according to the can, it was “co-created” with artificial intelligence. According to Coca-Cola, the flavor of Coke Y3000 was inspired by “insights gathered from artificial intelligence.” It supposedly tastes like “Coke from the future.” But what the heck does that actually mean? What is the Y3000 Coke flavor? We grabbed a mini aqua and magenta can to find out. 

coca-cola y3000

New Coke Flavor!

Coca-Cola Creations Y3000

If this is what AI thinks humans want to drink then I don’t think flavor scientists should be worried about their job security. Coke is so good. It’s such a good, unique flavor. Cherry Coke is also good. And, honestly, that’s where it should end. I have yet to truly enjoy any Coca-Cola Creations flavors. Coke Y3000 was not the exception to the rule. 

Pros: The packaging is pleasing. I like the pixelated pattern. I like the pale, aqua blue and the vibrant magenta pink together. It creates a fun vibe. Very ‘80s Barbie. The bubbles are good. It’s lively and spritzy like any good Coke flavor. And I was surprised to find out that Coca-Cola Y3000 is zero sugar. It doesn’t taste zero sugar. It tastes like real sugar. End of positive notes. 

Cons: Crack open a can and you’re immediately hit with a smell of fruit punch you’ve left out for too long—like you’re trying to create kombucha by just letting Kool-Aid ferment. It tastes slightly better than that but not by much. There’s a definite fruit punch quality—I’ve also seen other reviews describe it as “tutti-frutti,” and I’d agree with that. It’s a little like the liquid from maraschino cherries mixed with grape cough syrup—it even has a little of that medicinal burn. If someone offers you a sip of Coca-Cola Creations Y3000, go ahead and take it, just to experience what AI thinks the future tastes like. But you’ll never make it through a full 12-pack.

Credit: Liv Averett / Coca-Cola




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  • This is THE FOULEST soda I’ve ever had the misfortune of drinking. It tastes like some mixed mace and church wine into the Coke. This isn’t robots taking over the world and snuffing out all human existence, but I’m sure this is how it starts. I drank two drinks of this abomination. The first drink with simple curiosity and the second because I couldn’t believe my taste buds. I felt like I needed a vegetable peeler to rake off the first layer of skin from my tongue. It was an entirely regrettable experience.

  • “I was surprised to find out that Coca-Cola Y3000 is zero sugar.”. You sure about that? The bottle in the photo says 240 calories. The zero-sugar version also has a different color scheme than the one you described. Thanks for the lazy journalism! Did you even actually try it?

  • The packaging appeared with an enticing comic book wow, but I am not ingesting the lively colors. The pop tastes like dirty sweatsocks soaked in cough syrup. Yuck. I wish I knew it was AI designed. Truly horrible.

  • Just a heads up this flavor isnt “Sugar free” it just has a sugar free and regular version and y’all might have tried the sugar free version. I found the regular version and its 65g of sugar for a 20oz bottle and it is no better than the sugar free version. I’ve liked other weird cokes but hate this one.

  • Completely agree — I couldn’t make it through a 20oz bottle (or really, past the first sip). Blech.

  • I tried a bottle and couldn’t even get through half of it. It tasted and smelled like a laundry detergent, over all just really soapy for some reason. My friend even agrees when he took a sip from my bottle. The after taste was also floral. The other Creations flavors (aside from Move ; I’m not super into coconut ; so it was just okay) were great! This one by far was a total miss.

    • Kimmy, agree! I too got a laundry detergent flavor with a bit of artificial cotton candy flavoring.

  • It smells and taste like vinegar to me. It is horrible!

    • Agree. The vinegar smell was not attractive at all. Did they even test this in house?

  • This sounds terrible. But you’re WRONG about Coke limiting flavors. The best Coke ever was Orange-Vanilla. I actually switched from generic cola to 100% Coke to buy Orange-Vanilla. Then they discontinued it. I’m back to Shasta.

    • Regular Vanilla Coke is still available and it’s the absolute best since the early 2000s

  • I’ve tasted all of the Coke Creations (what can I say…I’m a sucker for a gimmick) and this has to be the first one that didn’t have a discernible extra flavor to it. Sure it had a general “hey that’s not Coke” flavor, but I couldn’t name it like I could with the others. Honestly, it’s probably one of the worst of the bunch, except for Move where I couldn’t even finish the bottle.