Sprite Chill Will Be So Cool…Literally

I swear, soda companies these days must be running out of ideas. First we get the crazy train that is the endless stream of Coca-Cola Creations flavors (Transformation, Ultimate, Y3000, Dreamworld, the list goes on), then we get whatever Pepsi is up to in 2024, and now the Coca-Cola company is throwing us yet another curveball by announcing the release of not a weird coke flavor, but a strange new iteration of Sprite that they are adding to their core roster. The Sprite in question? Sprite Chill.

What makes it chill? Is this the most easygoing soda to ever be created? Please tell me the flavor name isn’t “chill”?

Don’t you worry, we may not have all the answers, but we do have some. Looks like the name Chill isn’t an abstract personality trait Cocoa-Cola Company is mapping to a random and mysterious Sprite flavor (thank goodness). Rather, it would seem that the product itself will be called “Sprite Chill” and the flavor itself, at least the first one coming out, will be Cherry-Lime. So, what makes this Sprite so gosh darn chill? Well, this part, I must admit, is actually kind of cool. Literally. Sprite is going to add some sort of cooling agent to the drink so that it gives you a cooling sensation when you drink it, much like when you eat a York Peppermint Patties or candy canes or entire tubes of toothpaste (I cannot recommend that you try this last one). Coca-Cola Company is even calling it the “coldest Sprite ever,” although we have been assured by Instagram page @Candyhunting (who got their info from Coca-Cola) that the cooling agent in this Sprite will not, in fact, be menthol (the compound that’s typically used to make mint-flavored things feel cold). This will not be, in their words, “minty Sprite.” So what will it be? Simply a Cherry-Lime soda that makes your mouth feel cold, it would seem. And honestly? What a unique and interesting concept. They didn’t go so crazy that people only buy it once for the gimmick and then never get it again. It actually seems like they might have thought this one through. Imagine how nice this drink would be paired with a hot summer day by the pool. But don’t get me wrong, they did go just crazy enough that I will be trying it thank you very much. That is, whenever it comes out, which is “Spring 2024,” as of right now. So until then, I guess will all have to chill out with normal soda. That or whatever wacky flavor Coca-Cola Creations drops in our laps next—I’m hoping for “Audacity” flavored.

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  • Hopefully it tastes better than their lemonade