What We Know So Far About the Two New Pepsi Flavors That Leaked Online

Some people think those new Coca-Cola flavors that are supposed to taste like abstract concepts are cuckoo bananas. I disagree. I think they are genius bananas (which, coincidentally, is also a flavor Coke will probably release next year). Why are they so genius bananas, you ask? Well, they are new and different and everyone wants to try them at least once to see what they taste like. And then by the time people have given the newest Coca-Cola Creations flavor a shot and decided that “Transformation”– or “Pixel”-flavored Coke isn’t for them, it is already off the market and Coca-Cola can’t lose money on it. See? Genius bananas. And apparently, Pepsi feels the way I do because, lo and behold, a couple of purported new Pepsi flavors leaked this week and they are said to be Pepsi’s take on the whole “not-a-real-flavor flavor” situation. I’m here to share with you what we know so far about these new Pepsi flavors (and no, neither is called “Genius Bananas”).

What are the flavors? Do we know at all what they might taste like? Would they make good Pilk (Pepsi Milk)?

All equally important questions. Let’s start at the beginning: According to Team Supernova on X (formerly Twitter), the two flavors are called Pepsi Tempo (expected sometime in 2024) and Pepsi Summer Chill (expected summer of 2024). People aren’t sure if Pepsi Tempo is going to be an answer to Coke Creations or a music collab or what, but the internet seems to think this one could be lime flavored. There is truly no way to know right now, but hey, the polka-dotted packaging looks great, and it has some green on it, so only time will tell if this stuff is meant to taste like ~the very concept of a tempo~ or, you know, limes. As for Summer Chill Pepsi, we don’t have info regarding the flavor, but the can appears to sport some pool floaties shaped like popsicles, some cotton candy (or bubble gum), and what looks to be a green melon. The Pepsi logo itself is even pool floatified. The good news is that the cans are cute as heck. The bad news is that they sort of tell us nothing. My guess is that the summer flavor will be some form of summery punch mixed with cola flavor, but again, we won’t know till we know and we won’t know till next summer at the soonest. As for whether they would make good Pilk, the answer’s gotta be yes. Pilk elevates the culinary experience of Pepsi to the next level no matter the Pepsi flavor involved. Long live Pilk. But until these new flavors drop, we will just have to wait and see what bizarre cola flavor comes out next, whether it’s from Pepsi, Coca-Cola, or some other “genius bananas” soda company. In the meantime, you can check out our ranking of the best current Pepsi flavors.

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