Suck on This: We Tried the New Sprite Tic Tacs

Sprite may not be our favorite lemon lime soda (that honor goes to 7UP), but it’s a classic. It’s crisp! It’s refreshing! It makes your burps taste all nice and citrusy! But does it work as something you suck? (And I don’t mean out of a straw.) Tic Tac was all like, “Hey, let’s find out.” Everyone’s favorite 1 1/2 calorie breath mint recently released a limited edition Sprite flavor. We popped some Sprite Tic Tacs to find out whether a small ovoid candy can satisfy like a soda, or whether this is just Sprite and Tic Tac telling us to go suck a lemon.

tic tac sprite review

New Product!

Limited Edition Tic Tac Sprite

I’m fascinated by Sprite Tic Tacs. In true Tic Tac fashion, they start out very sweet and give way to a tangy center as the coating dissolves. Tic Tacs always evolve from sweet to tangy, but I swear these evolve from sweet to fizzy to tangy. In fact, I was inspired to check out the ingredients and, sure enough, they contain sodium bicarbonate. It’s a very modest fizz—nothing like, say, Pop Rocks—but a fizz none the less. And maybe they ease indigestion a little? I’ll get back to you on that.

I love the playful attitude but, unfortunately, I just don’t love the flavor. It starts out pleasant enough, but starts to taste more and more like lemon floor cleanser as you suck. Do I really want my breath to smell like Mr. Clean? Still, like I said, the fizz is a fun novelty. My suggestion? We all know Orange Tic Tacs slay, so make an Orange Crush flavor with some fizz! You’re welcome very much for the idea!




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  • I did not care for Sprite Tic Tac at all! Bought a box and tried one They taste Nothing like the drink at all No fizz at all either So I promptly returned them!

  • I would be interested in trying these. I am the opposite of you where I hate 7 up and would rather drink Sprite.