Best Orange Soda: Here Are 5 Citrusy Sodas You’ll Love

The best orange soda is bright, citrusy, and refreshing. It feels fun and nostalgic. It’s fresh while also tasting sugary like soda.

I drank orange soda growing up because of Kenan & Kel. Kel loved orange soda and I loved Kel, so that meant I loved orange soda. It’s basic math. Turns out, I still like orange soda because orange soda tastes good! It’s sweet and a little tangy. It would be delicious on its own, mixed into cocktails, or served with ice cream to make a float. 

I think orange soda is underrated and people should be drinking more of it. We tried all the most popular orange soda brands so we could curate this list of the best orange sodas on the market. Get ready to see who will crush the competition and who made me say, “Oh boy(lan), that’s bad!”

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Best of the Best

Crush Orange Soda

I could not believe how superior Crush Orange Soda is to every other orange soda we tried. The first thing you notice when you open the bottle is that this soda is sensationally fragrant. I want a Crush candle in my apartment. And luckily, the taste lives up to the scent. It’s super carbonated and tastes almost like there’s real orange juice in it. Don’t worry though, it’s still soda that contains 0% juice. Go buy this and remind yourself why orange soda rules. This is the best orange soda out there.

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Best of the Best Runner-Up

Orange Fanta

I’m not saying Fanta commercials made me gay, but I’m not saying they didn’t make me gay. I hadn’t had a Fanta in forever so I was worried the Fanta women would be better than Fanta orange soda. Thank goodness, Fanta lived up to their commercials! It was super crisp and sweet and tasty. It tastes distinctly different than Crush. It tastes like it contains absolutely no juice, but it has a great artificial orange flavor. I do, in fact, want a Fanta!

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Best Budget

Shasta Orange Soda

I don’t think enough people are drinking Shasta brand sodas. We loved their canned cola and they also had one of the best orange sodas we tried in our orange soda taste test. It tasted very fresh and I think this would be so incredible mixed with alcohol. If you can have rum with coke, why can’t you have orange soda and tequila? Plus, it’s cheap! Who doesn’t love an affordable option? Orange soda margaritas, anyone? Sign me up!

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Best Glass Bottle

Mandarin Jarritos Soda

Mandarin ranked on our list of the best Jarritos flavors for a reason! It’s one of the best orange sodas out there. It tastes very artificial but in a great way. It’s like candy. I also liked that this was the only soda we tried that specified what type of orange inspired the drink. It’s not just orange. It’s mandarin. It makes it feel fancier for some reason. If you’re at a taco stand or food truck, you’ll definitely want to grab a Mandarin Jarritos.

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Most Unique

Cactus Cooler

I am shocked that I had never heard of Cactus Cooler before our orange soda taste test. If you’re not familiar with this soda, it’s orange and pineapple flavored. I love the addition of the pineapple, which really complements the orange. It’s much more subtle than the other orange sodas we tried, but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best orange sodas on the market. If you’re looking to mix it up when it comes to your orange soda, grab a bottle of Cactus Cooler!

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Other Products We Tried: Virgil’s No Sugar, Virgil’s Orange Cream, Boylan, Olipop Orange Squeeze, Poppi, Sunkist, Signature Select

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  • CACTUS COOOOOLER! When I moved to the midwest I missed my old favorite soda, and my parents would bring me some when they came to visit. Love the shoutout.

  • I lived on Catcus Cooler as a kid in AZ. Have not had one in years, but am tempted to find a bottle/can to rekindle the memories.