DiGiorno Is Giving Away the Most Controversial Pizza of All Time

Sometimes companies do things simply because those things are wacky AF. And whether you call that PR or simply “being a drama queen,” DiGiorno has just hopped on the corporate CPG crazy train with the announcement of their latest giveaway: the most controversial pizza of all time. What’s so controversial about it, you may be wondering? Are people disagreeing on whether the pizza is black and blue or white and gold? Do some people think the pizza is saying yanny while others insist it is saying laurel? No, it is even more controversial than those viral internet phenomena—it is a Pickle and Pineapple Pizza.

Why? Who hurt them? Also, where can I get a DiGiorno pineapple-pickle pizza? (asking for a friend)?

I was also wondering why they decided to do this. Was it an early Halloween offering? An elaborate prank? Well, it turns out that like many things these days, it all comes back to TikTok. Apparently, #PicklePizza, a hashtag that has more than 16 million views on TikTok, according to Food & Wine, is what convinced our buddies at DiGiorno to bring the dream to life. And just because the whole pickle-on-pizza controversy wasn’t enough madness to capture the tiny attention span of the internet, they tossed some pineapple on there, too. You know, the other most controversial pizza topping. Now, here’s the thing: I didn’t think this sounded bad at all. In fact, as a kid, I used to specifically order olive and pineapple pizza, because apparently I was a sociopath (at least culinarily speaking). But then I learned one crucial detail: this DiGiorno pineapple-pickle pizza has white sauce. You heard me right. DiGiorno described the pizza base as “a hand-tossed crust, creamy garlic sauce, and mozzarella cheese, which means there is no sweet, acidic tomato sauce in sight to tie together the sweetness of the pineapple and the acidity of the pickle. I’m no longer sure I can vouch for this pizza. But do I still want to try it? Yes, of course, I have zero standards.

Wondering how you can be one of the lucky recipients of the world’s most controversial pizza? All you have to do is snatch one up when the order window opens on September 5 at this website (which will only activate once September 5 rolls around, and will stay active for weekly drops). It is first come, first served, one pizza per person, and they’ve only made a total of 100 pizzas to give away. So, if you want one of these, get your Taylor-Swift-concert-ticket-clicking skills ready because I’d bet these things are going to go FAST.

As for who hurt DiGiorno? Probably Delivery. Considering the shade DiGiorno has been throwing at them for years, I wouldn’t be surprised if Delivery got mad and finally decided to fight back.

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