Dr. Pepper Dark Berry Is Back (but Not for Long)

Oh boy, have I got some berry exciting news for you. Dr. Pepper Dark Berry is back, you berry-loving reader, you. When I first read this headline, it meant nothing to me. I don’t drink a whole lot of Dr. Pepper, I didn’t try this drink when it came out for the first time in 2019 as a collab with Spiderman: Far From Home, and “Dark Berry” seems vague as all get out. However, as I looked into it more, I realized that a.) this flavor seems really interesting and unique, and b.) I like how they’ve chosen to advertise it this time.

So, What’s the Deal With Dr. Pepper Dark Berry?

Let’s start with the flavor. Turns out “Dark Berry” refers not to a single made-up idea of a fruit but to a very specific mix of black currant, blackberry, and black cherry, which honestly sounds quite divine. I’m a sucker for black currant-flavored things. It’s the one flavor Britain got right that the U.S. has yet to wake up to and adopt. Now, when it comes to savory foods in the UK, I will not comment other than to say that I like spices, so …

Point is, if people in the U.S. end up liking this Dr. Pepper a whole lot, maybe it could lead to more black currant things hitting the market here? Please? Ugh, you guys. Wouldn’t black currant Sour Patch Kids be SO DANK?

We covered the flavor, now for their marketing tactic on this limited-time only release. Yes, there is now an affiliation with the new Jurassic Park movie, Jurassic World Dominion (along with some Jurassic World Dominion-themed prizes if you are a part of Dr. Pepper’s loyalty program called Pepper Perks), but I’m more interested in their marketing tactics a couple of weeks ago when they first announced the return of this epic flavor. In an ad, they got Barry Manilow to so say Dr. Pepper Dark Berry was back for a limited time, but only for people named Barry. He continued by explaining that if your name is “Lola, Rico, Tony, or, of course, Mandy – No Dark Berry for you!” he followed that by saying, “But if you are a Barry, Dark Berry is back!” Now, this may sound like some mundane celebrity endorsement ad to you, but, believe me, it is more of a hoot than it deserves to be. He’s looking directly into the camera the whole time and punctuating every sentence with random chords on a piano. Genius. Weird, but genius.

Why is this so genius, you ask? Because now I want to buy the soda! The marketing did its job. The flavor comes in regular and zero-sugar. And you can buy the soda too if you so choose. Abarryently the ban has been lifted and now non-Barrys are invited to join the Dark Berry squad. Can’t wait to try this flavor and see if I’m a fan(ilow). 

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