Gather ‘Round the Campfire for…Dunkin S’mores Coffee?

Is your name America? Do you run on Dunkin? Are you a sucker for some good ol’ s’mores in the great outdoors? Do you love being asked long strings of rhetorical questions at the beginning of food news articles? Well, then you’ve come to the right place, because today I am here to bring you the news that Dunkin at Home (Dunkin’s grocery store collection of Dunkin-y goodness) is bringing us Dunkin s’mores coffee as a cold brew concentrate later this month.

Will this cold brew Dunkin S’mores coffee taste more like s’mores or more like coffee? If I dip a s’more in it until the graham cracker is soft, is it legally a s’miramisu?

It would seem this Dunkin S’mores cold brew concentrate is supposed to have “bold, smooth notes of chocolate, graham cracker, and toasted marshmallow,” and it will join the ranks of Dunkin’s other cold brew concentrate varieties: plain, caramel, and pumpkin spice. And this isn’t the first time Dunkin’ has had s’mores in the stores either—they also have a s’mores flavored Dunkin’ coffee, which up until this point was sold only in K-Cups and as grounds. So if those existing S’mores products were your jam, you may want to give this new product a try for all your iced-coffee-mason-jar-glass-straw-aesthetic-cultivating-type needs. All it takes is equal parts water and this s’mores-flavored concoction, and you’ve got yourself a cup of morning cup joe that will hopefully taste like a cup of night-at-the-campfire joe (the kind of joe that sings songs about mooses and juices and little red wagons). Now, I have mixed feelings about flavored coffee in general and that extends to this product, too. Will it taste like fakey toasted marshmallow flavor? How will they achieve graham cracker flavor? Is there even such a thing? I need s’more time to process this. Or better yet, I just need to try it. Or better better yet, I need to dip a s’more in it.

The Dunkin’ at Home S’mores Flavored Cold Brew Concentrate will be available nationwide later this month and will come in a single 31 ounce bottle. I must try this. I must chase the elusive s’miramisu.

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