Will These New M&M’s Give You Sundae Scaries?

When I first heard that the new M&M’s hitting stores for the annual Easter candy-buying season were called Easter Sundae M&M’s, I asked myself (and the rest of the Sporked crew, unfortunately), “Is an ‘Easter sundae’ a thing I’m not aware of?” I promise I’m a college-educated adult with an (almost) fully functioning brain, but the very obvious pun sailed right over my big, dumb head. Easter Sunday: a thing. Easter Sundae: not a thing…until now! We got our hands on a bag and tasted these new M&M’s to find out if they’re worth the space in your Easter basket this year.

easter sundae m&M's review

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Easter Sundae M&M’s

On the front of the bag, these new M&M’s are described as white and dark chocolate M&M’s. As soon as I tasted a couple, it was apparent that there’s more going on than that. You see that little hot fudge sundae the M&M bunny is holding on the package? It has a cherry on top—and a kick of cherry is what makes these M&M’s interesting. 

Pros: If you like chocolate-covered cherries, you’re going to like these new M&M’s. They have a really pleasant maraschino flavor, although it threatens to overpower the delicate flavor of the white chocolate. Easter Sundae M&M’s are a nice size, too—they’re as big as Peanut Butter M&M’s (one of the best M&M’s flavors) even though they don’t have a filling. I also appreciated the attempt at a correct dark chocolate-to-white chocolate ratio. The milder tasting white chocolate portion, which is surrounded by dark chocolate and then the candy shell, is much more substantial than the dark chocolate portion. 

Cons: The color palette is a little bit weird for an Easter product. Instead of pastels we get red, brown, and a bone-colored beige (sorry, that was the best way I could think of to describe it). If you’re looking for an Easter treat that screams spring, this probably isn’t it. 
All in all, these taste more like chocolate-covered cherries than a sundae made predominantly with vanilla ice cream. I wasn’t blown away, but I did find myself continuing to eat them after our taste test.




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