M&M’s Is Serving Up a Hot New Flavor for Coffee Lovers

If you like the flavor of espresso but drinking an espresso makes you so jittery that you feel like you have to go run three miles just to make your heart feel normal (just me?), you’re in luck! Because there is a new M&M’s flavor coming to shelves this holiday season, and its name is Espresso M&M’s. And it (hopefully) won’t give you jitters.

Did espresso M&M’s really not exist already? And also, is espresso a holiday flavor?

Turns out, straight-up espresso M&M’s really didn’t exist before now. I know! I’m just as surprised as you are. M&M’s did release a crunchy espresso flavor back in 2018 for a limited time, as part of a test of three limited-edition crunchy flavors (with puffed rice for crunch)—crunchy raspberry, crunchy espresso, and crunchy mint. Fans voted on their favorite, and crunchy mint won. And that was the end of espresso M&M’s….or so we thought.

Turns out, fans have been asking for the return of espresso M&M’s ever since 2018. There’s even a petition, with two comments: “ESPRESSO M&Ms ARE THE BEST” and “BRING ‘EM BACK YOU COWARDS” (which pretty much sums up most snack food-related Change.org petitions and is one of the many reasons why I love them). And now, they are getting their wish (minus the crunch factor). But while these new espresso M&M’s don’t have crunch, they do have another cool feature to mix things up: Each pack contains both milk and dark chocolate M&M’s, with an espresso center. Yum!

But the question remains: Is coffee a holiday flavor? I would argue the answer is no. But am I mad about espresso M&M’s coming out during the holiday season? Of course not! We still get to enjoy some delicious espresso-flavored M&M’s, and life is all about taking the wins where you can. 

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