Yes, Nissin Is Releasing an Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese Cup Noodles

The everything bagel: A seasoning-packed breakfast option strong enough to fit all of Jobu Tupaki’s nihilism and make mornings palatable. Cup Noodles: salty, brothy fuel for sleep deprived students and the perfect midnight munchies meal. Two delicacies seemingly on opposite ends of the food world, but you can’t help but wonder: What would happen if they converged?

Introducing: Everything Bagel Cup Noodles

Well there’s no need to imagine this outlandish union anymore because Nissin Cup Noodles has announced a new, limited-edition Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese flavor Cup Noodles. In their official release Nissin explains how this breakfast noodle concoction came as a response to fans already pairing everything bagel seasoning with ramen. Unlike most of Nissin’s traditional Cup Noodles, this flavor will not be noodles in broth but instead noodles “in a rich cream-cheese flavored sauce” topped with everything bagel seasoning. Alongside this new release, Nissan also announced they’d be bringing back the previous limited edition Breakfast flavor Cup Noodles, and we here at Sporked cannot wait to get another serving!

Yes, Everything Bagel Cup Noodles are real, it’s not a prank

Now I know what you’re saying. “Sweet, sweet, Sporked staff, you naive little tasters, this must be an April Fool’s Day prank.” And to that we say a resounding…we don’t think so! Had the Breakfast flavor not existed, perhaps we’d be more skeptical, but since the Breakfast flavor not only happened, but was widely successful and is making a comeback, exploring unexpected new breakfast flavors is right up Nissin’s alley. And, to further our case, the product is already listed online at Walmart with all the nutritional information, product details, and instructions of a real product. While the product may currently be unavailable or “out of stock” online, that’s likely because Nissin has just announced the release of the new Cup Noodles on April 2nd for it to hit Walmarts across the country come next week. So, HA, take that! 

Even if it’s not a prank, will Everything Bagel Cup Noodles be good?

I can’t help but feel torn on how this new noodle is going to turn out. On one hand I think if Buldak noodles have shown us anything it’s that noodles in a creamy cheesy sauce are an absolute delight, so I’m hoping this cream cheese sauce will be no different. Also, like we’ve mentioned before, the Breakfast flavor was so unexpectedly delicious, and this seems like just a step over from that flavor profile. Plus, pairing everything bagel seasoning with ramen already has succeeded as a food trend.

On the other hand, let’s face it, Nissin’s saucy noodles have just not been our thing. Nissin’s Stir Fry options have left us unsatisfied and have not come close to holding a candle to your standard brothy Cup Noodles. I don’t want to be the one to say it, but…the Breakfast noodles were brothy. It all just makes me a little worried that if the issue is Nissin’s attempts at sauces, then this already ambitious flavor may have been set up for failure. 

I know it may seem a bit far fetched to assume success or failure over whether or not noodles are soupy or saucy, but when you’re dealing with the unknown of an Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese flavor Cup Noodles (words I never thought I’d type), there’s only so many factors you take into consideration for predicting the noodles’ fate. Only time will tell––a little under a week to be exact–––whether or not we can ditch the coffee shop runs and have a steaming cup of bagel noodles for breakfast instead!

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  • Picked up one Everything Bagel and one Maple Sausage & Egg on Sunday. I have high hopes for the one that’s just creamy and salty, a pretty easy get for ramen.

  • Are they vegetarian?