Here Are 5 Food Opposites

Just like up is the opposite of down and blue is the opposite of yellow, foods also have opposites. Don’t believe me? Let’s get into it.

ketchup and relish
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Ketchup Is the Opposite of Sweet Relish

In the world of condiments, ketchup and relish go excellently on a hot dog together. Why? Because opposites attract. The best ketchup is tangy. Sweet relish is most definitely sweet. Ketchup is a smooth liquid/gel. Relish is made up of many tiny solids. Even outside of their overall vibe, ketchup and relish are opposites on the color wheel––red and green. Some may think mustard is the opposite of ketchup. But they would be wrong.

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Alcohol Is the Opposite of Coffee

Alcohol is a depressant. Coffee is a stimulant. Alcohol can reduce your reaction times. Caffeine-laden coffee will have you vibrating with extreme focus. Alcohol and coffee are also temporal opposites. The time at which it is acceptable to drink coffee is inversely proportional to the time at which it is appropriate to consume alcohol.

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Bread Is the Opposite of Meat

Meat is a hearty protein. Bread is rich with carbohydrates. Meat is inherently savory and juicy, while bread is dry and plain—ready to soak up flavors. Baking bread requires precision. Cooking meat requires heat and after that it’s all up to you and your imagination. Baking is a science. Cooking is an art.

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Mayo Is the Opposite of Hot Sauce

Creamy mayo is happy to fade into the background. It compliments the flavors in your sandwich, enhancing the other ingredients rather than standing out on its own. Hot sauce, on the other hand, has an in-your-face attitude. It’s the main character in whatever play in which it is cast. Mayo is thick and white. Hot sauce is thin (usually) and vibrantly colored. What happens when you mix the two and get spicy mayo? An explosion of flavor and texture, that’s what.

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Spaghetti Is the Opposite of Salad

Lettuce is a low-carb veggie—it’s essentially water. Pasta is dense with matter. Lettuce leaves are flat and wide. Spaghetti noodles are long and thin and tubular. Lettuce is refreshing and crisp. Spaghetti will weigh you down (even the best spaghetti). Eat a bowlful of lettuce and you’ll feel the opposite of how you feel after eating a bowlful of spaghetti.

Do you dare disagree with me? Sound off the comments and share your own food opposites.

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