Sporked Awards: Best Food Packaging of 2022

Presentation plays a big part in how we engage with our food. Some food packaging misses the mark by being too cut and dry or simply being impossible to open (you should never have to use your teeth). But with the best food packaging, it’s love at first touch, tear, and pour. Here is our winner for best food packaging and one runner-up who was too sexy to ignore.

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Best Packaging: Hungry Jack Syrup


Hungry Jack Maple Syrup

The food product with the best packaging that we tried this year is Hungry Jack Maple Syrup from our maple syrup ranking. It comes in a jug, which is perfect because, as we all know, a teeny splash of maple syrup is never enough. And that’s not all, the entire jug itself is microwavable, guaranteeing that you will have piping hot syrup every time. If the microwavable jug didn’t put a smile on your face, this part certainly will: The spout of the bottle is in the shape of a happy face. It makes it look like the little smiley face is crying, throwing up, and sliding down the wall with excitement whenever you dress up your pancakes. Us too, buddy.

Credit: Liv Averett / Ralphs

Best Packaging: International Delight Creamer


International Delight Coffee Creamer

It takes more than sexiness to take our top spot for best packaging, but boy was this International Delight Coffee Creamer tempting. This coffee creamer came in second place in our best pumpkin spice coffee creamer ranking because of its sweet treat appeal, but it was hard to keep our heads in the game around International Delight. In our pumpkin spice coffee creamer taste test, staff writer Jordan Myrick held up the largest container of International Delight coffee creamer that we could find and said, “Hubba hubba. If this had thighs…sign me up,” they pleaded. The container itself is built like an absolute unit and is perfect for anyone who likes to go big on their coffee creamer servings. Nutritional label be damned, I say, pour a brimming cup of coffee creamer and start asking guests, “Would you like coffee with that?” With this giant container of International Delight, you’ll definitely have creamer to spare.

Credit: Liv Averett / Instacart

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