Sporked Awards: The Best Breakfast Food We Tasted in 2022

The genre of breakfast food is pretty all encompassing, and technically, you can eat anything for breakfast and call it breakfast food (this is a way for me to justify eating pasta at 10 a.m., but screw it, carbonara is bacon and eggs!). Some breakfast food is iconically sweet, some of it savory, but when it comes to breakfast food, we’re just looking to be wowed with flavor. So many of our taste tests this year were breakfast themed—cereal, pancake mix, frozen waffles, bacon, and many more, but what foods felt like they were undeniably delicious first thing in the morning? Here are our top two:

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Krusteaz Frozen Belgian Waffles

Krusteaz’s frozen Belgian waffles blew us all away and we never recovered. They’re deliciously fluffy yet still crispy, and the flavorful, buttery taste is quite addictive. There’s a slight hint of vanilla happening here, too. That said, the phenomenal texture is what kept us coming back. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, Krusteaz was our number one pick for best frozen waffle and it’s the breakfast food we want most in the morning. 

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Ozo Spicy Jalapeño Plant-Based Bacon

Good, plant-based bacon is hard to find, so when something like Ozo Spicy Jalapeño plant-based bacon exists we’ve got to give it props. This scored a perfect 10/10 in staff writer Jordan Myrick’s plant-based bacon taste test. The flavor is straight up wonderful, with a meaty, umami flavor and a potent jalapeño pepper kick. The biggest compliment we can pay it? It tastes just like real bacon. Fry this crispy, spicy bacon and serve it with eggs for a nice spicy kick first thing in the morning. You won’t be disappointed.




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The 2022 Sporked Awards

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