Other Foods That Should Be Sold Like GoGurt

“On-the-go” foods are less popular today than they were when I was growing up in the late ‘90s/early 2000s. I’m not sure why, though. I am more on the go than ever! I need food that comes in a pocket form. Or a portable meal that includes an entree, sides, and a dessert. Realistically, what I want is food to come in a squeezable tube, like GoGurt. That is why I compiled this list. If there are any food scientists out there reading this: the items listed below are foods that I think should be packaged like GoGurt and sold in stores.

(And yes, I know that logistically, some of these might be difficult. But I would argue that if we can send a person into space, we can figure out how to squeeze almost any type of food into a tube.)

Mashed Potatoes

gogurt mashed potatoes
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If they can invent technology to allow me to microwave a plastic tube, I would like mashed potatoes to be GoGurt-ified. Like instant mashed potatoes but even quicker and more convenient to eat. Imagine if your stomach is bothering you or you need a bump of carbs or you’re just in the mood for something comforting, and there’s a tube of creamy mashed potatoes at the ready with no fork necessary. How awesome would that be?!


gogurt frosting
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Before I launch into what I’m about to say, let me remind you of something: frosting is sweetened dairy, like most other desserts. If you’re cool with eating ice cream, do not judge me! Now that that is out of the way: I love eating frosting. I keep a tub of store-bought frosting in the freezer and it takes on the consistency of fudge. It would be heavenly to be able to GoGurt that into my mouth when I’m in the mood for a sweet treat. Plus, it would make icing cakes easier!


gogurt risoto
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Risotto is typically thought of as a fancy dish you’d find at an osteria. I think it should also be found in tubes in the grocery store. Imagine how nice it would be to slurp down a beautiful, sophisticated, creamy cacio e pepe risotto from a tube while you cart your kids to soccer practice.


gogurt gazpacho
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On a hot summer day, I would like a big, squirtable cylinder of gazpacho to toss in my bag as I run my errands. Gazpacho is refreshing, light, and healthy, and I think it would make the perfect on-the-go snack. To be honest, I can’t believe there aren’t more portable gazpacho options.


gogurt grits
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Talk about breakfast on the go! A tube of hot, buttery grits that you could squeeze into your mouth as you drive to work would be incredible. It would be like mom’s home cooking squished into one very portable package.

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