French’s Is Giving Away Mustard Donuts and They Look Demented

Ever found yourself wishing that mustard donuts existed? No? Me neither. But National Mustard Day is coming up (tomorrow, August 6) and, as per tradition, French’s is painting the town mustard yellow. This year, they are celebrating by giving away a tangy sweet treat absolutely no one asked for: a mustard-infused donut called the French’s Mustard Donut. 

But, why? I just told you, National Mustard Day! But why? Like, actually WHY? Beats me. Publicity? Innovation for innovation’s sake? A joke at our expense (because no matter how vile it sounds, French’s knows people will fight to get one and then they will laugh at us)? No matter the reasoning behind this whole mustard-flavored brouhaha, I will admit, I kind of want one? Laugh at me all you want, French’s!

These mustard donuts aren’t French’s first mustard-flavored collaboration rodeo.

The mustard company has been offering tangy, zany, gross-if-you-think-about-them-too-much products on National Mustard Day ever since 2019, back when we were all but wee lads believing wholeheartedly that the world wouldn’t face a pandemic and RBG would live forever and gas prices in Middle-of-Nowhere, California, would never be $6.89. Boy were we wrong. But you know what remained a constant in the three years of relative turmoil since? Every year on August 6, like clockwork, French’s mustard did some kind of mustard-y product collab. And there’s something to be said for that reliability (even if I like ketchup better…shhhhhh). 

In 2019, French’s partnered with Coolhaus to create a mustard ice cream. In 2020, they partnered with Oskar Blues on a mustard beer.  And, in 2021, they made their own hot dog buns that were, you guessed it, mustard flavored. And now, here we are in 2022, the year of the mustard donuts, which are part of a collab with the donut company Dough Doughnut. Maybe not such a bad place to be after all. According to French’s chief marketing officer, the company “cannot wait to reinvent breakfast this year” by “adding our Classic Yellow Mustard to morning routines.” Cool, French’s. I mean, should you stay in your lane? Maybe. But nonetheless, cool.

So how can you acquire these mustard donuts? You can get one for free tomorrow at any of the six Dough Doughnut locations around New York City while supplies last, or you can get them (also for free) online through Dough Doughnut’s website starting at 9 a.m. EST on August 6, and they are expected to go fast. This all still begs the question, why would one want this or go out of their way to get this? Well, probably because they seem unique. Also, I have a hunch they don’t taste so bad. Because of the fried aspect and the inherent sweetness of a donut, my theory is that these bad boys will taste somewhat like a corndog with mustard, hold the dog. Which, quite honestly, I could get behind.

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