Frosted Grape Pop-Tarts Are Back (Alright!)

If you happened to be feeling nostalgic today for Beanie Babies, AOL disks, *NSYNC, Tamagotchis, and simpler times, then you are in luck because this May, Kellogg’s is bringing back a ‘90s classic: Frosted Grape Pop-Tarts! 

Now, while I am a ‘90s kid (very technically), I’m too young to remember when these Pop-Tarts were out the first time and I have no idea if they taste like artificial grape candy or if they have more of a concord grape jelly and jammy kind of vibe. Maybe they have a little of both!

Also, I have a hunch that if I eat a Frosted Grape Pop-Tart while sitting on the playground swing in my local park, I will summon Sabrina the Teenage Witch (the actual witch, not Melissa Joan Hart).

I’m feeling giddy just imagining the possibilities.

Kellogg’s has introduced an interesting twist to this launch beyond a simple play to activate Millennial nostalgia. Namely: They want you to dye your hair purple. Not just any purple, but “Frosted Grape” (which is lavender-adjacent in my estimation). The first 50 people who share their Frosted Grape hairdos on Instagram with the hashtag #Y2GrapeEntry will get (and this is actually real) a year’s supply of Frosted Grape Pop-Tarts and a “Y2Grape Time Capsule” filled with a bunch of iconic ‘90s things. What things? You may find yourself asking. The company has said that the capsule will contain “a gift card to purchase perfect purple jelly sandals, throwback butterfly hair clips, metallic jelly pens, juicy grape lip gloss, a purple purse, a purple hat, and a gift card to help you continue to serve your frosted hair looks.” Wow. Talk about a purple-lovin’ ‘90s kid starter pack. If any of y’all are reading this and thinking, “I’m not about to dye my hair and release the photo into the Kellogg-y ether,” then I have two words for you: As if. 

(I will do this.)

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